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Meta Watch #3 - Magnificent Broly G/Y Control

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Our last two Meta Watch articles have been based around decks in the current Meta. Since the Magnificent Collection will be released in time for Nats, I thought we should touch on some decks that may rise up the ranks with the new support coming from those sets. Today we look at a new Broly Green Yellow Control courtesy of Aandroid!

Here's the decklist:

Again, unlike our previous lists, this one is untested in any real tournament scenario because the cards aren't officially out yet. It has however been tested on, and it has fared pretty well. There may be a few changes that can be made to improve the deck depending on your playstyle. The Draft Box 4 Krillin/18 card can be included for example.

Lets start off going through the turns!

Turn 1:

You ideally want to charge a green energy turn one so you can play the new 1 drop green Broly, Preparing for Battle

If you play this on your turn when going second, you may be able to get max value by popping a 1 drop they played. If you're worried about removal, it's best to wait a turn to play this. And in that case, you can play a 6 drop Green/Yellow Broly in your energy.

Turn 2:

A yellow energy should be your second charge. You can then activate the above Broly's skill or play it and activate it. That brings out the 4 drop Yellow Broly, Unyielding Presence and starts off the yellow Broly chain as well as the control side of the deck. Your other option on turn 2 is to play your 2 drop Bardock, the Enlightened to start setting up the insane draw this deck can generate once it's off and running. If you don't have these in hand, you can leave energy up and play SS Broly, All-Out Assault during yours or your opponents turn for removal or draw and to rest an opponents battle card.

Turn 3:

Now this is where the deck gets fun. If you have a Bardock, the Enlightened on the board when you play the above card and you rest a card with the Broly's skill, you draw an extra card. You can then use Fired Up SS Gohan to untap the Broly at the end of the turn to trigger it's skill again. If you're feeling really cheeky, you can attack with the Broly, restand it with your leader effect to proc it's auto, then attack again, and restand it at the end of the turn with the Gohan to use it up to 3 times in 1 turn. All the while drawing once per turn with your Bardock. At this point you can awaken and go up the yellow Broly chain, providing even more control.

Turn 4:

By this point your hand should greatly outnumber your opponents, and you can finish them off with sheer combo power alone. Goliamite, the New Breed can be used to push for game with your Broly cards, Bardock, Father and Son can be used to rest blockers and draw more while providing another beater.

That's the jist of how the deck works. I'll go over some of the other cards that can be used to help you do what you need.

Wailing Spirit as a 1 of is a contingency to get the 4 drop Broly out if you can't see it in the first few turns. Can be charged turn 1 if you do.

Ties That Bind Ba allows you to discard your 1 drops with your 7 drop Broly's effect without worrying about not having one later if needed.

Restrain is included as one of the two counters in this build for a similar reason to the Ba. They can still be utilised from the drop in a pinch, so they are a good discard target for Broly, Demonic Intimidation's skill.

The good old Mira/Double Strike combo is included as an extra wincon.

1x Cold Bloodlust of course.

Supercombos are Pure Hearted Son Goku as he is searchable using Dependable Saiyan Trunks which is also included as a top 3 grab.

A couple of people have mentioned the new Paragus 2 drop to me, but I don't think it's worth running in this deck as you already have a lot of yellow combo for arrival. If it was green on the other hand, that would be excellent.

An interesting deck for sure, how it will impact the meta is yet to be known, but I'll bet there will be at least a couple of these bad boys running around come the finals.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Magnificent Collection upon release!

~ Sam

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