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Meta Watch #4 - Frenzied Burst Porunga

Time is ticking away. There are National Finals as early as this weekend! We hope you are already prepared, but if you're still undecided on what to play, or what to prepare for, we have another potential Magnificent Collection deck for you. This deck uses the new 6 drop SS Gogeta, All Out Assault from the Magnificent collection to ramp into either the standard boss monsters, or the 10 drop SSB Gogeta, Frenzied Burst, which can auto take 4 life from your opponent if you have 15 energy, which isn't that hard to pull off. This deck doesn't need to attack, at all, ever.

Here's the list:

The deck is essentially a standard wish ramp deck, but instead of the 6 drop Trunks ramp, we play the Magnificent Collection Gogeta. Let's look at the deck turn by turn.

Turn 1:

You want to mulligan for World Peace and Objection, and obviously Dragon Balls. You use leader ability to grab balls, then play One Star Ball, negging your opponents hand, and dropping a Whis, The Resting Attendant or another world peace target. Other cards you can drop are world peace itself, given that you can take it back to hand when you Wish, or the Super Dragon Ball, in case you need to ramp more quickly depending on your matchup.

Turn 2:

Search Dragon Balls, then play Super Dragon Ball to draw four and drop 2 more world peace targets, One of these should be a SSB Gogeta, Frenzied Burst (you only really need one in drop, and one in hand). Hopefully you can then wish, take back a World Peace, then use your leader ability to draw a card. You will likely be tapped out this turn, so it's good to have a Zen Oh Button for defense.

Turn 3:

Now we can start ramping. Turn 3 you want to play Objection then use the leader card to play World Peace for free, which you can use to bring out Whis, the Resting Attendant to place a card in energy from your deck. You now have two energy open. Play another Objection if you have it, to put yourself on 6 energy. Leaving yourself one energy to defend with. Whis Coercion, Zen-Oh Button and Senzu Bean should get you through to Turn 4.

Turn 4:

Now we have 7 energy. You can free play a World Peace to play SS Gogeta, All Out Assault. This card ramps you by 2, but that doesn't happen until the end of the turn. You don't need to do any damage to your opponent, so you can just hard cast World Peace if you have it, or Dragon Radar to get it back and hard cast it. Play either another Gogeta (Ideal) or removal in the form of Ultimate Fusion Gogeta, or even another Whis. Pass turn with heaps of energy for defense. It's important to note that you can get VS out here if you want, but that may not always be the ideal play, or you may decide not to run it considering how difficult it is to come by.

Turn 5: You now have between 9 and 11 Energy. This is the kill turn. You can kill of your opponent without even attacking if you have the right cards. If you have a SSB Gogeta, Frenzied Burst in hand, you can pay 8 to evolve it onto the 6 drop Gogeta. This adds 6 cards from the top of your deck in to your energy. Leaving you with between 15 and 17 energy. If your opponent has 4 life (self awaken etc) then you win here and now. Activate your Gogeta's skill to automatically take 4 life from your opponent. If your opponent has more than 4 life, you can then use your leaders Ultimate Wish to play another SSB Gogeta from the drop area. The second doesn't ramp you (thankfully, considering your deck will likely be super low at this point), but you can still use your activate main. Game Over.

Now this may not be as efficient as other Wish Ramp builds, but it is very consistent.

You also have cards like Gogeta, Hero Revived and Son Goku, the Awakened Power as finishers in a pinch. Newfound Power Porunga is included for a board wipe and draw power.

I hope this helps prepare you for Nats! Good luck from all of us at The Saibamen!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding the Magnificent Collection upon release!

~ Sam

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