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Meta Watch #5 - Demigra Agro

One new Demigra support card is being released on Friday (25th), and that single card could push this deck into top tier if piloted well! Demigra, Demonic Overlord:

I guarantee you will see at least a couple of these Demigra agro/swarm style decks come Nats!

The List:

The idea behind this deck is to flood the board with low cost beaters, and destroy your opponent before they have a chance to recover. Let's go through the ideal turns:

Turn 1: Turn one you want to make sure you have at least one of the new card Demigra, Demonic Origins in hand, and a Son Goku, the Adventure Begins. Turn one you can play Son Goku, then find a Four Star Ball to start plussing straight away. If you go second, you can play a Dimension Support Trunks to bring out a 20k Crit beater in Super Saiyan Trunks.

Turn 2:

Hopefully by turn 2 you have 6 life. You can then activate Demigra, Demonic Origins from hand to take up to 2 life and play Gravy, Lightning's Might and Frigid Blast Putine from your deck. Another 20k beater, and a 10k that searches the whole deck for another Demigra (grab another Demonic Origins here!). Another target for Demigra is Gravy, In Demigra's Thrall, he is better if you need to get more cards in drop for overrealm. Depending on how your opponent is faring, you can activate another Demigra, Demonic Origins from here to spawn even more threats, or you can play some of your over realm cards to push further or clear the board. Remember to use Son Goku to grab Four Star Balls every turn. Alternatively you can play more defensive and get Vegeta, Time Regulator out on this turn to help put your pieces back in the deck and draw more.

Turn 3:

You should be able to push for game here the majority of the time. Mira, Creator Absorbed is a great finisher, with Hidden Power East Supreme Kai included to give it double strike. Once you're awakened you can even play Mira, Assault From the Skies as well in one turn to totally decimate your opponent. With all the threats you have on board, you should be able to finish your opponent off with ease if you have the right hand.

There are a couple of cards I'll mention that you can play depending on how the game is going.

Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan can be used to push for game or take that extra life needed to awaken.

Time Ruler Towa should be used to grab any dangerous 1 or 2 drop cards from your opponent such as the 1 drop veggies and Broly.

Black will be well represented in the Meta, so it's something players need to prepare for if they aren't playing it themselves!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding the Magnificent Collection upon release!

~ Sam

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