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Meta Watch #6 - Vegeta Baby

Here we are, essentially one day out from the North American Finals, and one week out from the Oceania, Asia & European Finals. We wish all players good luck in their respective regions, and we hope to see some of you at Oceanics!

Today's deck is one that I believe may win - or at least top heavily - some of the final tourneys! Vegeta Baby has been on the heels of the meta since the set 4 power boosters were released. Always having a presence, but never doing amazingly well. With all the red support that has come out recently, I believe that will change. Not to mention the Latin American Finals 1st AND 2nd were both Vegeta Baby!

Here's the list:

Most people know the idea behind the deck, but if you don't, here it is. The line of play here is to get the 6 drop Great Ape out as fast as possible to demolish your opponent before they can get their deck in order. Ideally you have two of these out and it's almost impossible for your opponent to resist the swift death they bring. I'll go through the idea turns.

Turn 1:

Mulligan for 1 drop Baby, Vengeance Unleashed. At least 2 of these in your opening hand is ideal. You also ideally want at least one of Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace and one Epochal Grudge Great Ape Baby If you draw the 4 drop Saiyan Strength Baby, you want to put that back - we need these in the deck for the 1 drops union skill. If you are confident your opponent won't have turn 1 removal, you can play the 1 drop Baby turn one. If you go first, you can do this and pass, or self awaken for an extra card if you're playing against a deck that doesn't agro early. Going second, always attack before playing the Baby. If you're playing a deck that might have turn 1 removal, don't play Baby yet.

Turn 2:

Play the second Baby (or both if you didn't play one turn 1) and union absorb the other one. Grab a Saiyan Strength Baby from your deck. You then get to draw a card and neg an opponents battle card by 20k. You can then play the 5 drop Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace for free on top of the 4 drop. Now this is where being able to play the 1 drop baby turn 1 pays off. You can use your last energy to play the Great Ape on top of the 5 drop using the latter's activate main skill. Turn 2 30k triple striker that negs your opponents cards and draws on attack/when your opponent plays a card. So strong.

Turn 3:

Here you want to repeat the above process, or use your over realm Mira, Assault from the Skies to put on extra pressure. You should be able to awaken now if your opponent has attacked you once. If not, you can use Intensifying Power Trunks to take the last life required. You can try and finish your opponent off here, or you can play more defensive, leaving energy up for Denial of Hope, Toppo Righteous Aid, or SS Vegeta, Exposing Weakness. The sheer amount of removal this deck possesses is insane.

Let's go over some of the other cards in the deck, and the reasons for their presence.

Revenge Death Ball is a Baby player's trump card. When being attacked by a big boss monster, this card can cause your opponent to scoop then and there by destroying it mid battle.

Quickshift Berryblue as a one of is included to put 4 drop Baby's back if you draw them.

Strategies of Universe 7 gives your big pieces barrier so it's harder for your opponent to remove them easily.

I generally don't include a side deck as the metagame varies depending on your location, but this deck has two main counters, so I figured why not. Two decks that are hard for Baby to deal with a Shenron/Porunga Ramp, and Starter Broly. So we have the full Chain Zen Oh package in the side, with Digging Deep Vegeta as a secondary CA target for extra pressure, and to provide another union target for the Baby chain. Forced Ejection Masked Saiyan at 4 to remove as much of your opponents extra energy as possible. Haru Haru, Attacker Majin is at 3 for the Broly Matchup. Extra pressure and crit hurt Broly greatly. It's also good against Yellow Broly. You just have to be careful if the opponent has yellow energy live and you haven't seen Cold Bloodlust.

This deck is something you really need to prepare to face if you aren't playing it. Removal is sorely needed otherwise you will likely succumb to their onslaught.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Sam Russell

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