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Multicolour support - Set 10 Reveals #20

After a big weekend of banlist discussion, we're back to discuss another reveal. Today Bandai has shown that we will have multicolour support in set 10, but only a small amount. There will be no common multicolour cards, just uncommon and above. They started us off with a blue/red and a yellow/green card. Let's take a look!

Frieza, Colossal Dynamo

First up the red/blue card. Frieza, Colossal Dynamo is a really nice addition to the Cooler mill archetype. It's a 2 cost arrival card that mills 2, then negs 5k (milling an extra card, and drawing with the cooler leader). This card could close out games if you play it on your opponent's turn, and it can be reused with the Cooler/Frieza cards that send a Frieza Clan back to hand. Another cool thing about this guy is that you can play him on your turn using swap, meaning for the same 2 energy you can buff one of your cards 5k, and also get an extra 15k attack if needed. He has the added bonus of being a blocker, so he can stop an attack after coming in. Straight value.

Jiren, Alien Power

This guy is the wow card (of the 2 card reveal :D). He's an arrival green/yellow that is a 25k blocker. The kicker though is that he can either be a 6 drop or a 9 drop when on the field, meaning he is extremely versatile in a u11 successor deck. This guy can set up Cell: Xeno on turn 2 if you play it right. He's an excellent addition to an already solid archetype. He can replace arrival Broly in the u11 decks, or supplement him if you rely on Broly's KO skill. This will definitely be used in Toppo/Jiren, no doubt about it.

That's all for the reveals today, but I will also go over the Soul Striker Reboot that was revealed last week.

Super Saiyan God Son Goku//Son Goku, the Soul Striker Reborn

When Bandai revealed that they would be rebooting an "iconic" leader for the pre release to go along with the Goku Black unison card, I immediately thought of this guy. It only makes sense given that this leader from the first ever starter deck be considered iconic, and also that he would pair with GB since he's blue.

Bandai have given this guy what the truely needed in draw power, allowing you to choose out of drawing or untapping on his front side. The problem is, he is now restricted to only untapping mono-blue energy - a restriction he didn't previously have - which makes him arguably less powerful than before the reboot. A lot of players will be upset with this, but I think he's still usable. This guy can awaken when he has the GB unison in play, or when his life is at 4 or less, meaning you can awaken at 8 life if you have the defense, which is pretty cool.

Let's take a second before I continue to marvel at that artwork. The way the cards make up shenron is utterly beautiful, especially since you'd have them set up like that in their respective areas. Once awakened this guy is pretty similar to his original version, with the caveat of only untapping mono-blue. He has a second auto that allows him to untap a blue unison at the end of the turn, which is essentially only worth doing with Goku Black. That auto procs the Goku Black's auto to give him a marker, and also set him up as a blocker for defense. It's a fun combo, and I can see this deck being played, but I don't think it's hyper competitive with the Mono-Blue restriction.

Something else I noticed, is that the Goku Black artwork is very different to what we were shown previously. It has the same GB image, but with a different background, and the "Coming Soon" foiling. It's likely that the initial artwork was just a placeholder, but it would be cool if there were two versions of this card!

Something that will make people happy is if Bandai reveal a Blue/Green support card that is similar to the Android 21 that just got banned, but less oppressive. I know people love that card, and are also unhappy that a card was banned so soon after it's release "just to push the new set". Maybe a replacement will earn some brownie points with the players.

I hope you enjoyed the article. We'll be back tomorrow with some rare multicolour cards!

~ Sam Russell

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