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No sign of the Rider trait - Set 11 Reveals #4

We're back with yet another reveal today. This one is less interesting than yesterday's, mostly because a large chunk of the cards revealed are skill less. I mentioned yesterday that I thought the "rider" trait was a strange one because while obviously referencing the fact that Gohan is riding Icarus on the card, it doesn't seem to have a purpose. The cards revealed today show that Icarus by himself doesn't have that trait, which reaffirms that thought. I wonder if there will be a "rider" based archetype at some point, or if it's just a weird quirk. Regardless, let's get into the reveals!

We start off with some on theme 1 cost skill less for the new Gohan deck.

Continuing said theme. Notice the lack of the "rider" trait.

Piccolo provides self awakening and a skill less played from deck for 1 energy. This card screams value.

Moving on to Garlic Jr. support we have a few corrupted earthlings. Yamcha is a blocker with servant. Nothing too amazing here, but maybe a decent free play target if you need to defend.

20k cantrip for 2 energy (or free if played from the bottom of your deck)! Decent, but again doesn't blow me away. I'll need to see the deck in action before I decide on whether its good or not.

Bulma seems more useful than the last two, bein a once per turn searcher. She can look at 5 cards and choose a 3 cost unison or 3 or less demon clan.

Tardo comes out for 1 when you activate you Garlic Jr leader's Overloard skill, then locks down an opponent's battle card for a turn.

Gassyu is an easy way to search "Makyo Star" which is presumably a field card of some sort. He also comes into play for one when you activate an overlord skill. Now I hate to say it, but so far this archetype isn't pushing my buttons. I like Garlic Jr. but it seems rather boring tbh. Hopefully there will be some more reveals that make it more exciting. I know we've seen an SR in the trailer, but even that seems meh.

Generic supercombo is the third of the Elite Four ( Don't ask me where the 4th is. Can anyone read that and not think of Pokemon?).

Energy Field is another leader locked negate that allows you to place a nimbus type effect on your opponent if you have 4 or more of the clan in play. It's also free if you meet that same restriction which is pretty darn cool if you can keep them on board. Maybe Barrier Ox King will do well in this deck!

Great card name and art, but the skill is rather lacklustre. You can restanda a servant card, but because it negates its skills, it will just be a 10k beater at best. A good use would be to restand Yamcha to get him ready to block next turn, but thats still a bit crappy. Ox King is better to defend your pieces.

More skill less...

They seem to be running out of pics of Gravy lol. This card is good in Demigra, because you can play it from deck.

Generic Black Supercombo

A new Union-Absorb Mira lets you burst 3 and draw 2 for 3 energy, which is decent but would have been better with deflect. He then allows you to drap a card, suck up a towa, then play this next card on top.

When this guy comes out you can choose an opponent's card in hand to warp. I feel like it needed to be more than 1. He then allows you to sack a 30k to warp an opponent's battle card during battle. He can use himself or another black 30k as the cost. This guy lends himself to the Dark Broly 30k archetype nicely.

New characters galore this set. I've never heard of this bloke, but he seems decent in Dark Broly. He allows you to warp a 2 cost that your opponent is trying to play, then place two 30ks in your drop from your deck.

Another Devil dude is 2 cost counter attack that plays himself and has the same auto as the counter play above. I still don't know what all these 30ks are going to be doing in your drop, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

The Majin Sisters are back looking pretty similar to all their other cards. Haru Haru is again the better of the two, giving you a 15k DS beater for 1 energy if you have a black unison card in play. Great if you mill gotenks turn 1!

Shun Shun is a 15k blocker for 1 if you have a black unison in play. This card is much less exciting than the above, but still has it's place to help protect your unison, especially early game where your opponent's leader is 10k.

Our last two cards are black extra cards. Darkness Blast Stinger is an activate battle that buffs a card for the battle by 10k, and if you warp 2 30ks from drop acts as a senzu on your leader. This seems really good. It makes me think, are the 30ks just used as cost from drop? surely there will be some cards that have skills when moved from drop to warp or similar.

A very cool tech card when combined with the potential boss monsters we'll see for this deck. Remains to be seen how good this is but I can see it being very strong.

That's the lot. Fairly boring reveal if I'm being honest. I think Green looks the strongest this set, although we haven't seen Blue at all yet.

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