No sign of the Rider trait - Set 11 Reveals #4

We're back with yet another reveal today. This one is less interesting than yesterday's, mostly because a large chunk of the cards revealed are skill less. I mentioned yesterday that I thought the "rider" trait was a strange one because while obviously referencing the fact that Gohan is riding Icarus on the card, it doesn't seem to have a purpose. The cards revealed today show that Icarus by himself doesn't have that trait, which reaffirms that thought. I wonder if there will be a "rider" based archetype at some point, or if it's just a weird quirk. Regardless, let's get into the reveals!

We start off with some on theme 1 cost skill less for the new Gohan deck.

Continuing said theme. Notice the lack of the "rider" trait.

Piccolo provides self awakening and a skill less played from deck for 1 energy. This card screams value.

Moving on to Garlic Jr. support we have a few corrupted earthlings. Yamcha is a blocker with servant. Nothing too amazing here, but maybe a decent free play target if you need to defend.

20k cantrip for 2 energy (or free if played from the bottom of your deck)! Decent, but again doesn't blow me away. I'll need to see the deck in action before I decide on whether its good or not.

Bulma seems more useful than the last two, bein a once per turn searcher. She can look at 5 cards and choose a 3 cost unison or 3 or less demon clan.

Tardo comes out for 1 when you activate you Garlic Jr leader's Overloard skill, then locks down an opponent's battle card for a turn.