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Oceania Regionals March 2021 Top 16 Decklists!

What's up everyone! It's been a while since our last blog post, with my limited time I've been focusing on YouTube as a priority, but I thought our latest video would pair perfectly with a short blog post on the OCE top 16 decks!

If you haven't watched the video, take a look here, because I won't be going into details on these lists in this post.

Let's get into it!

First Place was yours truly running Cell Surge VS. Take a look at my deck profile here, or see my decklist below:

Second Place was my opponent in the final round, Filipe Soares, running Dark Broly:

Third Place was another Broly deck, although this one more surprising than the last. Shayan Tamayo playing OG Broly!

Fourth place, rounding out the Top 4 prizing tier, was Robert Rietze, running RG Launch!

Fifth place was taken by another Cell Surge VS player, Zachary Tregenza:

Sixth Place was Afridi Rahim with Red Broly:

Coming in seventh, Peter Boctor with a very cool Majin Vegeta Deck!

The only King Piccolo in the top 16 was piloted by Patrick Craddock in 8th!

Next up, in 9th place, Jose Mercado with a spicy Launch Invoker deck:

Rounding out the top 10 we have Seraphim Zhang with Mecha Frieza

Coming in 11th was Zachary O'Donoghue with Dark Broly

12th place was the first of two Bulma Earthlings decks piloted by Jason Stubbs:

The second Bulma Earthlings deck hot on the heals of Jason was piloted by Braydon Walker. Taking out 13th place. Bulma putting in work!

The third Dark Broly of the top 16 was piloted by William Lawson, in 14th place

15th Place was Ethan Angunawela with a really cool Blue Baby deck!

And finally, rounding out the top 16, Umit Berkant with Turles!

As I mentioned in the video, here is Pete Palyvos' Invoker list:

And that's the lot! I hope you enjoyed the video and all the lists we compiled for you. There was a crazy spread of different decks in the top 16. Interesting to see such an open meta!


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