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Oh you wanted to play cards? - Set 10 Reveals #8

Updated: May 8, 2020

Hey y'all!

Here we are once again with some more set 10 reveals. This time it's the Green Rares. Compared to the blue I don't think they're as strong, but we'll need to see what combos people come up with!

So immediately we get a card that is pretty much a harder version to pull off of To Save a Hopeful Future. Intensive Training Son Goku comes in for 4 energy. He has deflect and barrier, and is a 20k beater. You then need to have 5 green cards that match any of the names in the skill text in your drop in order to play a 5 cost Goku on top of him from your deck or hand. The only advantage this guy has is that he can play from those areas, because you can't attack with him if you want your 5 drop to come out in active mode, and he has a rather annoying hoop to jump through (especially considering the leader lock).

He's made to play this next guy, and that's the only real reason to use him because this guy needs a Goku underneath to use his skills, but can also play a bunch of other 5 cost green Son Gokus.

SS Son Goku, Pride of the Saiyans is a d**k punch of a card if you manage to get him out. When he is played he KOs all of your opponent's battle cards ignoing barrier, then when he's in rest mode, your opponent has to discard to cards if they play any battle cards with an exergy cost of 5 or less. He also has Double Strike to boot. Expensive to get out, but a annoying as hell for your opponent if you do.

Random new support for Clashku comes in the form of Krillin, Potential Unlocked. He also acts as a unison searcher, but if you have 4 or less life he's 4 cost in all areas (obviously to proc the 5 cost Goku from clash of fates). Honestly, this card is a miss for me. We need unison searchers, but if you want to use it later in the game you're out of luck, and there's a better 1 cost Krillin for the aforementioned combo. Gaining blocker for 1 turn sucks.

Okay this is another interesting design choice. Dodoria, Brimming with Power is a 1 cost counter play that stops your opponent from playing 2 cost or less battle cards... The fact that you need a green unison card in play means this is not available turn 1 or generally even turn 2, so I really don't think it's worth playing.

The final card of this reveal is Frieza, Dark Infestation, another Frieza: Xeno that can be played using the one star dark dragon ball we spoke about yesterday. These guys are really looking like they're meant to be support for Lemon Lime Frieza wish, which is really cool. He's a Double Striker that has the same auto as the common version, but he can proc it himself using his activate main. You can place him in the drop area, force your opponent to discard a card, and also grab a green extra card (including the dark dragon ball) from the drop area. In Dende you can do this for zero energy which is really cool!

Thanks for reading guys. I'm off to help a friend move house, fingers crossed we stay safe in this crazy climate!

~ Sam Russell

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