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Pan at it again!

Today we have a deck profile and tourney rundown with the winner of latest QLD Store Championships at The Card House, Jackson Fisher!

Jackson took out the tourney with everyone’s favourite old school agro deck Pan CAZ! See his matchups and rundown below, as well as his take on Pan CAZ!

Round 1 – Broly HOM Vic strike: 2-0 (game 1 I made a risky clutch decision to push him to 1 by comboing everything, keeping extra cards for defence, and it paid off)

Round 2 – Announcer: 2-0 (CAZ is rough for announcer, but wasn’t an auto win match, only took game 1 because he only had one negate in a 10-card hand)

Round 3 – R/B Masked Saiyan: 1-2 (my only loss of the day, hard to handle crit aggression with pan)

Round 4 – Green Broly: Br: 2-0 (my most concerned matchup, but being able to CAZ both games really gave me the edge I needed)

Round 5 – Mono red Pan: 2-1 (most stressful games of the day tbh, all three games ended ridiculously close, clutch draws let me win game 3)

Jackson summed up his experience below. It’s great to see someone do so well with Pan!

“My round 5 opponent was the only undefeated, so it all came down to breakers to determine first place. All my games were not easy, and shout outs to all my opponents for giving me fun and challenging games! I’ve been playing Pan ever since she first came out, and it has been my favourite deck in this game by far, so I’m glad I was able to do so well with a deck I enjoy so much!”

Take a look at his deck below!!/deck/202500

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