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Red/Blue Reprints in Draft 4

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

So we’ve seen the Red and Blue draft box exclusive cards, and now Bandai (on purpose or by accident) have revealed the red and blue reprints that will be available in the draft box too.

The reprints range from set 1-6 and TB 1-2 so far, but that could change with the rest of the colours.

We’ll start with the set 1 reprints, arguably among most exciting as every reprint will have a foil version available, which we didn’t have in set 1 and 2!


Continuing on from the new red cards, some red aliens are being reprinted to pair with the revealed red alien support. The Vados will be a monster in sealed as it was back in the OG meta. Otherwise, nothing too exciting there.

The set 1 blue reprints are more noteworthy, with the UI staple Kind Saiyan Son Goku the clear standout. Whis, The Resting Attendant will be another one to pick up with Shenron Ramp running rampant (😉) right now. God Break could be useful in draft where games tend to go longer.


Blue Son Goku is obviously a theme in this Draft Box. The new cards feature the beautiful art of Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the Unstoppable, and these Goku reprints could work well with that archetype in a draft format. The only semi notable card here is Group Leader Pilaf which sees on and off play in constructed. A foil version will help the shiny card hunters.


Newer players to the game should be excited about this one. Fearless Pan has been one of the best red cards in the game since it’s release, so a reprint will help many. For collectors though, it will likely mean a small drop in price. More red alien and blue Goku support, with Toppo being the more useful in the Draft format.


What a follow up to Fearless Pan! At All Costs Vegeta is one of the best Blue cards in the game. As was also the case with Pan, newer players will be happy to see this getting reprinted, whereas collectors may not. Regardless, this will make an impact in draft if you manage to snag it.

Intensifying Power Trunks is a great self-awakener as well as an early pressure card. 15k crit on turn 1 is not something to turn your nose up at.

Untapped Power SS3 Son Goku is a lacklustre card in constructed compared to some of the alternatives, but in draft, paired with Son Goku, Might of Many, it could be a game ender.

Sneak Attack Son Goku is good removal for draft play.


Vanilla cards from set 5 are reprinted, which will help with the Goku GT play I mentioned earlier (the new 5 drop Son Goku:GT’s energy cost is reduced by 2 when there are 3 or more skill less battle cards in the drop area).

Deadly Defender Vegeta is a great card for this format, considering the leader card is multicolour. That goes for the Counters too, any counter you snag in draft will work with the new Vegeta leader.


Only 3 reprinted cards from set 6 have been revealed so far. Transcendent Strike and Vegeta, Penitent Martyr for removal, and Quickshift Majin Buu for deck filtering!


More red alien support from ToP which will come in very handy with the Vados from set 1, as well as the new Vados, Assembled Might. Piccolo Barrier Blocker will be useful for surviving heavy hitters.

Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta will be a boss monster that will work well with the U6 Saiyans that are also included.


The Dark Duo are the only two reprints currently revealed from WMAT. The Dabura is a decent play in constructed, and in draft it will be just as good. Take or leave Babidi, but it could see draft play with the amount of removal we have seen in this box so far.

With TB-2, we end our overview of the currently revealed reprints for Draft Box 4! We will be seeing the new Green cards revealed on Friday and will likely also see the Green reprint cards at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this overview!

~ Sam

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