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Red & Yellow UniSyn - Set 10 Reveals #16

Behold the Shadow dragon Saga begins. Bandai have started revealing Red & Yellow cards this week, with a heavy focus on Syn Shenron. A few of these were revealed a while back so I'll refer to that article a bit. Let's take a look at the red cards first.

Yamcha//Yamcha, Supersonic Striker was one of the first leader cards revealed, and we covered how he is a great burn leader here:

We hadn't seen the unawakened side until now, and it looks like he's even better than we thought. He can awaken at 5 or less which is always awesome, and he has the top 2 auto on his front too.

Pilaf is an interesting choice given the amount of popular characters that still don't have leaders. Pilaf//Pilaf, Shu, and Mai Assemble! is a fairly standard leader, with an interesting activate main on the front. When unawakened he just draws on attack and can awaken when he has 4 or less life or 3 battle cards in play, which is the start of building your board for his front side.

Once he's awakend, he has the same auto, and then he has an Activate: Main that allows you to sack 3 of your own battle cards to give your Red unison card Triple Strike for the turn.

Syn Shenron, Unison of Calamity marks the fan favourite character's first appearance in the DBSCG. This red unison card is extremely good, and pairs perfectly with the Yamcha leader. He costs 3 red energy at a minimum, then once he's on the field he allows all your red cards to attack your opponent's battle cards in active mode (crazy good).

He then has a +2 unison skill that negs 2 of your opponent's battle cards by 15k (Cooler mill liked this), which just makes it easier to keep your opponent's board down, and also gives you smaller targets for the burn on ko skills.

His second unison skill seems overpowered compared to what we've seen previously. For the cost of two markers, you can look at your opponent's hand and sack a battle card with 25k or less. Hand knowledge is something red has been dabbling in for a while now, and this is just making it even better. Pair this with Broly, Crown of Retribution, and you can really stuff your opponent;'s gameplan.

Let's follow up one Syn Shenron card with another. Syn Shenron//Syn Shenron, Negative Energy Overflow is the first yellow card of this reveal. He revolves around a Shadow Dragon archetype (surprise surprise), and on his front lets you search for a shadow dragon from the top 5 cards of your deck when he attacks. At the end of your turn, you can switch one of your Shadow Dragon battle cards to active mode.He can awaken either when your life is at three or less or you have a yellow unison card with a cost of 4 in play (see Gogeta here).

On his back side, he draws on attack, then the second auto is upgraded to allow you to switch ALL Shadow Dragons it your drop area to active mode. His final skill is an activate main that allows you to play up to 7 DIFFERENT Shadow Dragons from your drop area for 7 Yellow energy. At this point that sounds like a win more type skill, as 7 energy isn't something that tends to happen a lot.

This guy brings back Mama Frieza memories, and I'm excited to see what the Shadow Dragons have in store for us.

You may remember I picked this card as my favourite leader of the first reveal, and I think I still like it the most of them all so far. I was worried that because he has such a strong back side he may have a lacklustre front, but that isn't the case. Gotenks//SS Gotenks, Display of Mastery self awakens by taking a life (if you want to - very good option) and drawing a card on attack. He then has an auto that allows you to draw a card when your opponent activates an extra card (and has one or more energy - which stops this triggering when your opponent plays a field card when the game starts). I love this leader, and I can't wait to see what we can do with it. If this leader starts seeing play, a way for the meta to semi counter it is to lean into counter battle cards a lot more, so we may see that happen at some point.

The final card of this reveal is another old man Mechi card, this time a yellow SR Unison. Mechikabura, Plotting Revival is another 4 cost yellow unison card that has an abundant range of skills. He is a 15k blocker, and he has an auto that allows you to rest an opponent's card whenever he loses a marker due to an attack (which works nicely with his blocker skill).

His first unison skill is a +1, which allows you to draw a card, and lock down an opponent's battle card in rest mode for your opponent's next turn (ignoring barrier). Not too shabby for a + skill.

His second unison skill is -4, and it allows you to gain control of an opponent's battlecard (and switch it to active mode). That is so cool! Any battle card at all with no restrictions (other than barrier) means you can steal their wincons!

All in all, this reveal is extremely nice, with a few new archetypes being fleshed out. We know that there are at least 7 different Shadow Dragon battle cards to be revealed, which is a nice hint for the rest of the week.

We'll be back tomorrow with the next one!

~ Sam Russell

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