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What does it take to be a god? - Red & Yellow Set 8 Cards Revealed!

After little teases over the last week from Bandai, we now have the remaining (non SPR/SCR etc) Red & Yellow cards revealed to us!

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I'll be referencing cards in the above reveals throughout this article, so make sure you're familiar! I usually go through card releases by colour, but since these cards have so much synergy across colours, I'm going to try a different approach.

First up: Baby engine

Dr Myuu, the Mastermind is free to play if you have a multicolour energy. So you can charge a Red/Yellow on turn one, then play the good doctor for free. He comes out, and searches for Baby, Evil Origins in your deck to also play for free. When you play Baby, you draw 3 cards and discard 2. All that for zero energy is insane. Both the cards have a once per turn restriction, and it's lucky they do, because it would be even crazier if they didn't! The 1 drop baby then opens up the following play:

You can immediately play the 2 drop Baby, the Overseer by sacking Baby, Evil Origins. Now remember you still haven't used any energy at this point. Baby, Vengeful Upheaval evolves for free on top of Baby, the Overseer, and then allows you to tap one Yellow energy, and place a Vegeta: GT from the drop under the card, to play either of the following Baby cards on top of it.

Baby Vegeta, an Unfair Choice is a good removal card. Once he's in play, you can discard one card to either switch an opponents battle card to rest (ignoring barrier) or KO an opponents rest mode battle card ignoring barrier. Now that's already a really good skill, before you realise it isn't once per turn!

Now I have already gone over Super Baby 1, All-Consuming Terror previously, but I thought I'd include it here just so you have the full picture of what these cards do. This card is less valuable than the previous in the absorb combo in my opinion as you can get it out for one Yellow already using arrival. It set's up your play into the following card.

This is another card we went over as it was revealed in the initial Set 8 Trailer. This SR is insane. It has the new Keyword Auto Offering which means your opponent must either choose to take a life when it comes into play, or allow you to draw 2 cards. It then has an Activate: Battle which drops three cards from your hand, then decimates your opponent by negging their leader and all their battle cards by 20k, which will likely clear their board if their cards don't have barrier, and bring your opponents leader down to negative 5000-10000 power. You can then go hard at them and ruin their day.

Once you have the 5 drop Baby on board, you can then evolve it into the 7 drop Great Ape Baby, the Ultimate Evil Lifeform. This card also has offering, netting you an almost certain +2 at this point since your opponent will be struggling. It's a 30k Double Striker, so it has the ability to finish off the game. It also can net you more cards from life if you have any left, to neg your opponents leader even more!

Baby, Vengeful Blow is almost like a contingency plan. If your ape baby is removed or KO'd by an opponent, you can play this card from your hand for free. Once he's on the field, you can immediately union to play another ape (if you happen to have one) from hand for free! It's important to note that this card also works with the Set 4 Great Ape Baby, and is arguably better in that deck. Side note here, I feel like if i have to type Baby a few more times I might go insane.

Two new Baby support extra cards will be in set 8. Another elemental death ball in Flaming Death Ball is an activate battle that buffs your Baby leader by 10k for the battle, and gives you a choice (I love choices!) negging one of your opponents battle cards by 10k or giving one of your battle cards 10k for the duration of the turn. The latter effect could be insanely strong for buffing your finisher/s!

Blutz Wave Generator's art looks like it should be a field card. It's not though. It's a once per turn searcher that has the bonus of untapping a yellow energy if you do find your target: a Baby card, in the top 5 search. Considering how many times I had to type Baby in this engine overview, if feel like your chances are pretty darn good.

Next up: Brainwashed Cards

So these still relate to baby, but I thought I'd give them their own section. The Brainwashed cards can be played for free with the Set 8 Baby's leader ability, meaning lots of value for no energy - again!

Bulla, Brainwashed is a Blocker that pulls a Baby card from the drop area back to hand when it's KO'd

Son Goten, Brainwashed - which I wrote about previously - is a 10k beater than retrieves a different Brainwashed card from the drop when it's KO'd

Trunks, Brainwashed is a Trunks: GT with an interesting Permanent, it can't be evolved into any other cards, essentially shutting down a free target for CA Trunks. It has an Activate: Main that allows you to play a 2 or less cost Baby card from your hand if you sack him, then also neg an opponents battle card by 5k for the turn.

Son Gohan, Brainwashed is arguably the best of the bunch. A vanilla 20k beater that you can play for free is nothing to turn your nose up at. It also has another, arguably more exciting use. It's another 20k beater you can play for free with the starter deck King Vegeta leader!

Okay that was a quicker one. Let's move on to the good guys. SSG Goku Engine & Bulma Support!

This engine is a fair bit smaller than the Baby one. I'm not sure why Bandai went so hard on that one, maybe there's a Baby fan injecting money into the game somewhere!

Son Goku, Path to Godhood is a roundabout way of getting Son Goku, Dawn of Divinity out, but it's worth it, because when he gets played by the 2 drops Activate skill, he gains Dual Attack and Double Strike. That on top of being critical, is insanely painful for your opponent to deal with. The SR also has Offering which is a plus either way. The problem with this combo is the SR is vulnerable to almost all widely used Counter:Play cards, so you really need to watch when you use this, because it wont be that easy to pull of twice in succession.

Videl, Miraculous Aide is loosely part of the SSG engine as (apart from possessing art from the SSG transformation itself) it also helps you get your pieces in hand. It is just general Saiyan/Bulma support also though.

Something to point out is that Videl gains the Saiyan trait from the unborn Pan, so you can play this card in King Vegeta, opening up the ability to play the Red/Green Family Engine in that deck, although it doesn't have it's effect without a Red Bulma leader.

Yellow Vegeta's! These cards are great support for Bulma. Vegeta, the Sweet-Talker - apart from having some of the best art in the game, I mean come on, look at that - is a 1 drop barrier blocker in the Bulma deck. He's also the first 5k Vegeta we have, ever. That means all the 5k Goku cards finally have something to fuse with!

Vegeta, Explosion of Fury is a 1 drop 15k beater that can only be played if there is a Bulma in your Battle Area. That means even if your leader is Bulma, you need another Bulma card in play to get this one out.

Birth of a Super Saiyan God is a new red desire card. Unlike Familial Bonds, this card doesn't require any particular leader, which means it can be used in Shenron decks and really anything you want to run red or yellow Saiyans and earthlings in. The card plays a red or yellow Earthling or Saiyan with 2 or less from your drop, then mills 2 cards from your deck. It helps with sparking/overrealm, and also getting pieces you need in the drop for combos like the SSG one above.

Utility/Support Battle Cards is the next "group" we'll look at.

You would be forgiven if you though the original multicolour cards had been forgotten about with this set, but low and behold here's some support for Red/Green. Chi-Chi, Motherly Majesty, while very harmless looking is very strong. If you have 2 or more Red/Green multicolour cards in your energy, then you can combo with this for 5k+draw 1, for no energy!

Son Gohan, Determined Training is a 10k beater that gets +5k and critical when you burst 3. The only reasons to use this over the likes of Quick Rush Trunks is if you need cards in your drop, or if you don't plan on having 2 red energy open.

Pilaf & Trunks, The Cunning are the red and yellow versions of a silver bullet that basically punishes Senzu Bean (and other untap cards). There will almost certainly be one of these for each colour. When these cards are played, you draw one, then if either you or your opponent untap an energy using a battle or extra card during your turn, you have to warp 5 cards before you can do so. That means defensive untap is still safe, this just punishes cards that extend plays by untapping energy. It's important to note that these don't affect leader cards, so Soul Striker is safe for now.

Potent Technique Vegeta is Blue/Yellow support, but it is fairly different to the Red/Green support shown above. If you have a Blue/Yellow multicolour energy, then when you combo with the card it comes into play. This card is best used on defense as it then provides a blocker to stave off another attack.

More generic yellow support. Trunks, Saiyan Majesty is a pretty good card. It draws you one if you place it from your hand in the drop when your opponent's card is switch to rest by your skill. Once in the drop you can pay one yellow energy and send the card to your warp - during battle - and switch an opponents battle card with 4 or less to rest mode. That effectively triggers this cards auto again if you have another one in hand.

Gotenks, the Unpredictable is a 15k beater that get's Dual Attack if you have a red/yellow multicolour energy. When you play it, you also draw one and drop one. I don't like this card. That is all.

Supercombos - standard. Shu is nice to see, obviously this card is going to be broken.

I feel like they could have had the supercombos say if your leader is Red or Yellow etc etc. who knows though, maybe that would break some stuff.

Now for the extra cards:

Counter: Plays that you can activate when taking life are here! These cards can only be used when your life is at 4 or less. There's a clear disparity between these. Beerus Ball is insane. It places a 15k or less battle card in the drop instead of being played (better Galick Cannon) and also buffs your leader by 5k if it's your opponents turn.

In direct contrast to Beerus Ball, Super Galick Gun is rather lackluster. The only real reason you would use this over Crusher Ball or one of the other yellow counter plays is if you didn't have the energy to play it. Regardless, I like seeing more cards that use life as a resource over energy.

The last two cards of the reveal are wish support. Return of Planet Tuffle is a desire that rests two of your opponents battle cards. This card would be pretty good with the Cabba leader as you would also draw a card for resting them.

Bingo Tournament Grand Prize is an Activate: Battle that gives your leader +5k for the turn, and also allows you to find a Dragon Ball in your deck and add it to your hand. Great on defense in Wish decks early game, and can also be used in skilless to find your Four Star Ball if you're stuck without one.

Aaaaand that's it. I'm going to get away from my laptop for the rest of the day, this article has my eyes burning! I hope you enjoyed it! All the Set 8 cards so far have been uploaded to our proxy cache under BT-8. We'll be back soon with more content and reveals!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Set 8 upon release!

~ Sam

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