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Say hello to my Wolf Fang Fist - Set 10 Reveals #19

Oh boy. Today revealed the SRs for red and yellow today and I'm in love. They are so damn beautiful! I mean the cards are decent too, but that art...

I'll say it again, beautiful! Let's start with my man Yamcha in red.

Yo diggidy this guy looks sick. I love the OG DB Yamcha, so I'm loving this card. Yamcha, Merciless Barrage is the free play counter play battle card for red. As all the others can, he can be free played if you have a unison card of the same colour with 2 or more counters on it. When you activate this guy, you can choose two of your opponent's battle cards (not specifically the one being played) and neg them by 15k, then play him. Pretty damn good! This will definitely see play in red unison decks.

All you Android 21 lovers mustn't have grown up with the og waifu tugging on your heart strings! Bunny Bulma is bae. Bulma the Bunny Girl, apart from being beautiful, is also an awesome card. When one of your red Earthlings (except bulma) is removed from the battle area by skill, you can play this Unique Blocker for free. When you play her, you get to choose one Red Earthling Only (so no Saiyan/Earthling etc) with a cost of 4 or less from your drop and play it. Now this is obviously made with the 4 cost Yamcha from yesterday's reveal in mind, but there are a bunch of worthy targets, including the new Bulma supercombo (and other earthling SCs), as well as other Yamcha cards etc. Very good card.

The last red SR finally shows off the most powerful move in the DB universe; Wolf Fang Fist! This card is the free counter attack (if you have a red unison card in play) for red. When your opponent attacks, it doesn't negate the attack, but it allows you to neg an opponent's leader or battle card (ignoring barrier) by 15k. Very good for barrier removal, but I just wish it also targeted Unison cards. Being able to remove a counter on your opponent's turn easily would be nice.

SS4 Vegeta is back! This time, he's not just in SCR form, which I'm sure a lot of people will be happy about. Vegeta, Prideful Transformation is the free counter play battle card for yellow. He allows you to play the card in rest mode, then play himself. The cool thing about this guy over the others is that he is also a blocker, so he potentially stops an attack as well. Essentially a free crusher ball, he's not the best ever, but combined with things like the new Toppo leader he could be oppressive.

We saw a boss card for Gotenks coming a mile away. Gotenks, Going All-Out is the third new Gotenks fusion card, meaning you could literally make a deck completely around these guys. He isn't as oppressive as other fusion cards like Hero Revived, but he is very good value. 3 Yellow energy brings him out, and also allows you to refill your hand to replace the two fusion pieces. When he is played you can negate a rest mode battle cards skills and ko it (ignoring barrier) which is nice. He's then a DS Dual Attack. Not too shabby, but I don't think he's a big game ender on his own. I'm going to try and play this guy however.

Marvel in the beauty that is Released from Evil... This card is a masterpiece. It's also an excellent card in the game! It doesn't negate the attack, but it allows you to negate the skills of the attacking card, and keep it in rest mode for the rest of the turn. This affects leaders, battle cards and unison cards. Think about the implications of that. This guy stops reboot Gohan from restanding or gaining TS! I'm lovin it. Of course it can be free played by dropping if you have a yellow unison card in play.

Great reveals today, and earthling deck is looking more and more appealing to me. I can't wait to see what we get next week. Will it be SPRs?

I hope you enjoyed this article!

~ Sam Russell

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