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Set 12 Reveal #2 - Shroom, Salsa and Black Gogeta? (Oh my!)

What in the hell are you? That's the first reaction I had on seeing Shroom and Salsa. I'm a little wiser now, having read some wikis. But still overall perplexed. (I did however, learn that Salsa identifies as a "He")

Anyway. Let's start with the familiar.

BT12-122: Son Goku & Vegeta/Gogeta, Fateful Fusion

A leader that sends cards straight to warp. This is new. His awakened Activate:Main to buff Battle Cards with 1 energy is also pretty damn cool. Especially as it lasts until the end of your opponents turn.

The Unison

BT12-124 Paikuhan, Savior from Another Time is purpose built for this Leader. Giving your 1 energy Battle cards an additional 10k power. His -3 Activate:Main is okay, but it won't give you the leader draw for playing a card using Union-Fusion.

There are a shit-ton of 1 drops in this sets Black reveals. To try and make it a little more palatable, I have broken it down by the engines that Union-Fuse into both Gogeta and Gohanks.

The 1 Drops - Gogeta Style

All with 5k base power. These guys are potentially 25k bodies - if both Leader and Unison have their way. Be wary of swinging hard against Green, though - as a Dormant Potential will surely spoil your day.

BT12-128: Son Goku, True Fighting Spirit. Giving himself +10k at the cost of a life. This guy is potentially a 35k swing. Making your opponent warp from hand is a nice deterrent to Countering.

BT12-127: Son Goku, Catastrophic Premonition. Double Strike. Potentailly 35k. Worth noting that this Auto does not need to be triggered when he is in Battle. Unique

BT12-133: Vegeta, True Fighting Spirit. Another +10k at the cost of a life. His once per turn Auto is a nice deterrent against Blue, even if it's only once per turn.

BT12-132: Vegeta, Catastrophic Premonition. A possible 35k Critical swing is great value for one energy. His Auto has the potential to trigger on your opponents turn and then again on your turn. Bringing that 35k up to 45k.

The Gogetas - 6 Drop

Both of these boys come out for 1 energy. Using Union pieces from Warp which are then sent to Drop.

BT12-137: Gogeta, Fearless Fusion. A Blocker that kills an opponents card (4 or less) ignoring Barrier. Pretty damn good value - Ignoring Barrier is something that Black doesn't do enough of.

BT12-136: SS3 Gogeta, Marvelous Might. This bad boy comes in with Barrier. Gives you your Leader draw for playing a Union, swings for 20k and then for another energy he leaves the party and brings out 2 x 1 drops for you to buff. Note that your opponent must have 2 energy for you to activate this Guys Union.

The 1 Drops - Gohanks Style

For the record - this reveal is the first time I had ever heard of this fella. An engine more suited to everyone's favourite Black leader - Vegeks. Let's take a look.

BT12-135: Trunks, Catastrophic Premonition. Other than being a Union piece. This guy sends himself from Drop > Warp (then straight to bottom deck), places your Black Unison in drop and then Warps an opponents battle card.

BT12-130: Son Gohan, Catastrophic Premonition. Very similar to the Trunks above. This guy Drops your Black Unison to draw a card.

BT12-134: SS3 Trunks, Marvelous Might. 15 cards in drop, m ake sure you have 3 energy too. If you can meet the criteria - 15k Critical for 1 energy is damn nice.

BT12-129: SS3 Son Gohan, Marvelous Might. See above. This time with Double Strike.

'hanks for the memories - Gohanks 6 drops

BT12-138: Gohanks, Marvelous Might. 2 Energy nets you a whole lotta value. First - this guy comes out for a 20k Crit swing. Then (if you have a Black unison) - let's you sack him off to bring out a one drop Trunks and a one drop Gohan (xeno - see above). Swing a ding ding.

BT12-139: Gohanks, Master-Student Union. 1 energy for this guy - draw a card and play a unison with 15k . Very solid.

Now it's time to go down the rabbit hole.

BT12-123 Shroom & Salsa/Shroom & Salsa, Might of the Demon Gods

Quirky. We have seen Battle and Extra cards which remove Battle cards from your owners drop. Now we have a Leader which benefits from doing so. Your goal here is to keep the opponents drop empty of Battle cards as often as possible. Which will reap you massive rewards.

BT12-125: Dabura, Dimensional Meddler complements the Leader nicely, being able to Warp an opponents battle card from drop with his Activate:Main. He's also getting a Marker on your turn and your opponents. His -4 is designed to bring out the Gravy and Putine or the Skill-less Salsa and Shroom. A weaker unison at 10k makes Dabura a lot harder to keep on the field, as such - 4 markers might be tricky.

Chain Attacks

Putine and Gravy sound like something I ordered from KFC last night. 2 cards with versatile autos that further allow you to empty your opponents drop. You are most likely using your Unisons -4 to bring them out or the next card we will look at. Sadly BT4-098 Demigra is not (Demon Realm Race) minimizing exploit value.

BT12-143: Chain Attack Putine is continuous value - giving your many targeted combo cards +5k, once per turn. Your opponent will want to remove her. Which plays into what the engine does

BT12-142: Chain Attack Gravy is nice. More continuous value and the same Auto as Putine. Worth noting that neither card is Unique.

Out with the old

BT12-144 Mechikabura, the King's Summons. Mechi is a character that always looks super pleased with himself. With what this card does - rightly so. This is how you are going to be playing Gravy and Putine or Skill-less pieces for our friends below. This is an a essential card in the deck. An SR to grab early imo.

In with the new

Both remove Battle cards from from your opponents Drop. Nice situational options.

BT12-145: Shroom, a New Demon God: When he attacks - Warp things. This is your removal option

BT12-147: Salsa, a New Demon God: She plays more fun things when she attacks.

Skill-less... 15k?

We are seeing a return of 15k Skill-less cards in this set. All of which are central to the engines they belong to. BT12-146: Shroom & BT12-148: Salsa are no exception.

BT12-141: Towa, Dimensional Convoker. Today I learned a word. To convoke is "To cause to assemble in a meeting; convene" (Thanks google).

This is the searcher of the deck. It's also yet another way to get out the 2 lads above.

Where's my boss monster?

BT12-140: Dark Masked King, Devilish Dominator is very good. He's like one of the better over-realm cards but without the cost.

This guy is the real reason why you are emptying your opponents drop with Shroom. He's potentially attacking 2 times per turn with a burn option. Don't forget the Triple Strike and Deflect

I wish he was 30k for Dark Broly reasons.

A little extra

BT12-150: Dark King's Flash. Seems like this Counter was designed to stop big Syn Shenron plays. A nice sideboard option

BT12-151: Explosive Barrage Slash is a card I though was really good until I realized it costs 2 energy. It's okay as a way to get a unison back. But I can't see it getting a lot of play

BT12-149: Temptation of the Mask is very interesting and could go in many Black decks - Gogeta, Kidku, Dark Broly and not to forget Vegeks. 2 energy seems a lot but I am sure people will put this to spicy use.

I'm a Super Combo

BT12-131: Son Gohan, Brainy Backup is what it says on the box

The Rejuvenate option

BT12-126: Towa, Dimensional Meddler is a nice way to cycle cards. Rejuvenate at 5 markers is a bit steep. Especially for a 10k card.

It's quite possible I have missed something in the above article. It has been and continues to be a crazy busy time of the year for me. I'm not getting nearly enough time to put into DBS. Please shout out if I did miss anything.

That's it for the Black cards. I'll be back soon with another color - likely Blue.


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