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Set 8 - A Pride of Promos!

Now that Nationals are over, we are finally catching up on the releases we missed over the weekend.


The Six-Star Ball is here. This is the last of the numbered balls. Interesting that we didn't see them all during the wish block.

Paying an energy to Activate:Battle and Neg a battle card by 10k isn't bad. Nothing better than defensively reducing your opponents battle card to zero once they have dropped hand to combo (we have all been victims of 'Revenge Death Ball' at some point in our lives - Call 1800 BAD BABY, we care). Will this card see much use, though? I really don't think so.

Android 18, Full of Rage. Oh she pissed. a 20k arrival, dual color Android. I wonder if the 'Defendroids' players I know will be making use of her?

Pretty cool mechanic. Arrival in with 1 U, activate battle to bounce one of your opponents battle cards with 4 Energy or less to hand. She jumps back into your hand and can be used for more arrival fodder in the next battle or arrival again next turn.

Revenge Final Flash. A Counter play costing RY that lets you draw, then forces your opponent to either discard an extra card or have the played cards skills negated for the duration of the turn.

In aggro decks that don't run a lot of Extra cards, this could be a lot of fun. Alternatively, If you want to thin the opponents card of negates. This is an option.

Overall, I feel that the existing counter-play cards and the new 1 Energy Counter plays are are better bet.

I reckon a lot of people are still cringing at the sight of apes after the recent Broly-Ape invasion that was Nationals. This is another monkey with the potential to ruin your day.

Saiyan Technique Great Ape Vegeta's auto activates on play or combo, clearing the opponents board of anything with 15k power or less. He also sets you up nicely for an arrival or 2.

Damn dirty apes.

Fused Zamasu, the Plot thickens.

Dear readers. I would like you to note: I have no soft spot in my heart for Zammy or Goku Black. The characters in the anime never tickled my pickle. As such, I have no idea what this plot is, why it is thickening, nor do I know whether it was particularly thin to begin. (Read: I have no idea what the engine does)

A 20k power indestructible that once per turn returns a Zamasu or Goku Black to your hand. Which then rests one of your opponents battle cards.

The thought of my leader having 0 power or less terrifies me. Why not add to the terror with Super Baby 2, Vengeful Finisher. This 15k, 4 drop Yellow baby comes out when you're hurting already, at the low-low cost of discarding 1 card. Baby never stopped being a threat, it's only gonna get worse with set 8.

Turles is here! I've been waiting a long time to see this Goku-looking bugger on a card. Turles, the unstoppable ghost warrior. Another of Hatchys ghost troop that come into play by moving cards from drop to deck. He helps replenish the drop with his drop a card Activate:Battle - giving him +5k power for the rest of the turn. oh - he's dual attack too.

Son Gohan, Patience Wearing Thin. This guy feels like a worse version of 'Fortuneteller Baba, Earth's Seer'. This card is the winner of the Spinach award for worst promo of the set (so far).

That's it for now. Thanks for taking the time to give this wee article a read.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

They will be adding the set 8 upon release!

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