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Shiny no more - Set 10 Reveals #4

I'm getting a jump on the article for this release, It's near midnight in my time zone but figured it's worth it to see what we have coming up!

Today Bandai has revealed some blue rare cards and more support for the blue leaders, and they're beautiful. This will be the first set where rares will no longer be foiled, and will have alternate foil versions like common and uncommon cards. I prefer this!

Let's get down to business.

More Trunks support coming in hot. Son Goku, Warrior That Crossed Time helps you get a 20k beater out for 1 energy. It has two autos, the first allows you to play the (2 drop) SSB Goku that we spoke about yesterday for free if you haven't taken a life to hand during your opponent's turn, and the second allows you to place SSB Goku in energy if this Goku is removed by an opponent's skill. Interesting. I don't feel like it's extremely useful, but we'll see.

Mai, Bulwark of the Future looks like a staple for this deck already. She's a 1 cost Unison searcher that can also search for a Trunks: Future in a pinch. Will be used for sure.

The last of the common cards this set is a Counter: Attack battle card. Vegeta, Warrior That Crossed Time is 1 cost on your opponent's turn if your leader is a blue Trunks: Future. He's also Unique. Pretty cool to get a 15k out for 1 while also negating an attack. This then is fusion fodder also.

Speaking of Fusion, enter SSB Vegito, Paralyzing Prowess, our first rare reveal of the blue cards. This card is actually really strong. He evolves on top of the "free" Vegito from yesterday's set of cards for 4 energy. He is essentially a boss monster in a rare card. He has Deflect, Barrier & Triple Strike, and he also forces your opponent to bottom deck two cards from their hand when you play him, and another two every time he attacks, which is rather good don't you think!?

To match the Vegito rare, Bandai have brought us Fuzed Zamasu, the Divine Immortal. He evolves off the "free" Zamasu, similar to Vegito. He's an indestructable Dual Attack 35k, which in itself is pretty darn good. The real kicker is that he allows you to bring Tragedy Overground out for 4 energy, which is insane. These new Zamasu cards with set 7 Zamasu lead are going to be bonkers, I can't wait.

Goku Black fans will be happy with the final card of this reveal. Finally another GB boss monster! Goku Black Rose, Lofty Aspirations evolves off of a blue Goku Black for 4 energy. He an also be evolved off of a card in energy to save set up! This guy has triple strike, which is nice, but he also has an interesting anti ramp skill. He pops two of your opponent's energy when he comes out as long as they have 5 or more. Interesting that it doesn't really sync with the other Zero Mortal Plan cards we've seen in set 10 so far, it's more more likely to be used with the old set 2 Black who focuses on destroying opponent's energy!

That's it! A small reveal today. Can't say I'm complaining, because I would like to go to bed now :D

Until tomorrow everyone! Stay safe!

~ Sam Russell

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