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Spirit of Potara - Blue Starter - Set 10 Reveals #5

Well, we thought this would be coming tonight, but it looks like Bandai has updated their website with the new starter deck cards early! Let's dive right in to the overview!

So we saw a blurry version of this leaders back side a week or so ago, but now we get to see the full shabang. When he attacls, draw a card blah blah. Let's get passed that and into the good stuff. This guy has one of the weirdest autos ever. He essentially discourages removal of his unison card by allowing you to awaken if he is removed during your opponent's turn. Pretty snazzy.

On his front side, SSB Vegito Godhood Transcended (it really wassn't easy to read that name) draws on attack again. He then has an activate battle for two energy that gives your unison card +10k and Triple strike, which is extremely nice. He then has an auto that protects your unison again by allowing you to untap and draw if it is removed. All round good Unison focused leader.

I spoke about Gogeta, Pursuit of Power in my video a few days ago, so I'll be brief here. He's a beautiful looking Unison card that really helps protect you from damage. Very good option in blue Saiyan decks.

SSB Son Goku, Tenacious Warrior is the first of the starter deck battle cards, and let me just say, isn't it gorgeous? I love these starter deck cards, they are looking excellent. This guy comes out for one and is a self awakener. He takes a life on attack and goes to 15k. He has a second auto that stands him apart from other similar cards. When he's KOd, you get to search the top 7 of your deck for a Unison card. Unless there's an easy way to KO this guy other than the unison cards ability above, I'm not sure he'll be extremely useful.

SS Trunks, Architect of Peace is a combo that let's you play a 2 cost blue saiyan in rest mode with it's skills negated (repeat that 3 times fast) when you pay one energy during combo. Obviously designed to get a battle card out to utilise the Unison cards permanent. It was pointed out to me that this can be used during your opponent's turn to get a battle card in play and potentially negate the damage from a game winning attack. That's great. This card has potential.

Okay now we're talking. SSB Vegeta, Heroic Warrior looks good, and has decent skills. He's a 2 cost 15k crit, which we've seen a lot, but this guy also has an auto that triggers on KO, which allows you to grab a Blue Unison card from the drop. Not too shabby. That's it for the starter deck cards.

SS Trunks, God Sealing Technique is the first SR battle card we have seen from this set, and he is a doozy. He can only be activated if you have a blue unison card in play, and assuming you have 2 or more markers on it, this guy is FREE. What. The. Fuck. This card is awesome. When you activate him, he's the only Counter:Play card you can use for the turn, and you can put him straight in the drop to send the card your opponent is playing back to their hand. Any card (assuming it doesn't have deflect)!! You can also just play him instead, but that isn't where the value is. This guy will be mandatory in Blue Unisom Decks.

Final Hope Slash is the second and final SR of this reveal. It's a 1 cost counter attack that only works if your leader is MONO blue. It untaps one like Whis' Coercion, but it doesn't actually negate the attack. It also sends a 15k battle card to hand ignoring barrier. This card is also free if you have a Blue Unison card in play. Man that's insane. I like this card a lot.

Quick and clean today, time for some wine.

~ Sam Russell

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