SS4 Vegeta, Ramp & Shadow Dragons - Set 11 Reveals #6

G'Day everyone! If the last couple of days were fairly boring, today is quite the opposite! Content Creator Frank Castle got a reveal this time (good on Bandai for continuing this), and the card he revealed is probably the most exciting of the lot today. We also get Yellow and Black rares! Lets dive right in starting with the second Vegeta leader for the set!

Vegeta fans have long felt abused by the lack of good Vegeta leaders in the past. Set 11 remedies that, hard. We saw Majin Vegeta, which looks to possibly be the best new leader, now we are seeing a crazy new Ramp strat with Vegeta GT. This guy draws a card on attack, and ramps from deck if he deals damage, effectivly providing draw, ramp and hand control in one leader because your opponent will need to defend if they don't want you to ramp! Important to note that this leader should only be played mono blue because with any other colours ramp will be inconsistent. To help balance this leaders great skills, he only draws 1 on awaken.

This is where the party starts. Awakened he draws 1 per turn on attack, and still has the ramp skill. He also restands on counter giving you another opportunity to try to ramp if your first attack was defended. So damn strong. I think this guy is probably the new best generic blue leader!

Now on to Yellow where we see more from the Shadow dragons. Eis Shenron's 2 drop is still under wraps so I think he must be an SR! This guy evolves on top of the 2 drop fpr 1 energy, or can also be played as a counter play that negates a 5 drops skills for the turn, AND negates another battle card (ignoring barrier) or UNISON cards skills for the turn! This is the first counter play that directly targets unisons, which is a sign of more to come, in this reveal even!

Naturon Shenron's evolve is a 20k dual attack when played, and he also allows you to refill your deck with shadow dragons. He has an on combo auto for 1 yellow that allows you to play his dragon ball from the drop area. With all these extra shadow dragons, Syn Shenrons ultimate ability is just looking better and better!

Krillin is about to get fisted in the new supercombo for Yellow. Nothing much else to say. Poor bloke.

Ah, and here's Makyo Star. The Garlic Jr field card that allows you to seach for a demon clan on activation, and play a 2 cost demon clan at the end of every turn with it's skills negated. The value this card provides is excellent. The only problem is it will start to drain your hand fairly quickly.

When I mentioned that other counter plays will target unisons, this is what I was talking about. At first glance this just looks like a worse crusher ball, until you realise it doesn't specify battle cards. This can force a Unison to be played in rest mode. Very helpful to counter big bombs like the Majin Vegeta unison.

On to the black rares, we have another Dark Broly that can play off the Dark Dragon Ball. This guy warps a card from your opponents drop and also a card from their hand. Pretty good considering he can come out turn 1!