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Supercombo Madness - Set 11 Red & Green Cards Revealed!

G'day everyone! I'm a little late on this one because I'm out of town picking up a new addition to The Saibamen family this weekend, a baby Pug named Rosie! I'll introduce her to you in a video coming up at some point. Since I don't have as much time as I'd like to dedicate to this card overview, forgive me if I rush over a card you like the look of or miss anything seemingly obvious! Hit me up in the comments on Facebook if I do!

Anyway, Bandai revealed the majority of the Red and Green cards from Set 11 yesterday. We had a taster in the Dev update which I wrote about here, so I won't go over those cards again. Let's get down to business with red!

We'll go through these in set order. First is another Gotenks unison (This guy has the most unisons as far as I know, assuming you count his adult form). This guy is actually really solid, especially for a 2 cost. He adds a marker every time you activate a Union skill, which, in combination with a lot of the red unison support in this set is really strong. He can draw a card for +-0, and once he's at 6 markers - which sounds like a lot, but again, the support makes this reletively easy - can -5 to make himself a 30k DS dual attacker. Not a bad way to finish off an opponent that doesn't pressure your unison as much as they should.

The second red unison in set 11 is Kale. Cool to see her back in the game as red support. This card is pretty much only useful in the new Broly Swap deck. When you use swap with a red battle card you gain a marker, once per turn. When she's played (for 1 i might add!) you can search the top 3 for a red saiyan. She minus' 7 to neg a leader by 15k for the turn, and play your 5 cost Swap Broly from your hand. Now I'm glad this skill has such a heavy cost, because it's super strong. Unlike Gotenks, I feel that this will be hard to pull off as Kale is only a 5k, which means she can be pressured with almost anything. I'd pass on this card, but you never know.

If you were wondering what the title of this article was reffering to, this is it, or at least partly. Each colour will now have a supercombo similar to Heles. When you combo with it and your life is 4 or less, you place a card from your hand at the bottom of your deck, and draw 2, then the card gets 10k combo power. Definitely not as good as Paragas, but as good, if not better than Heles. The fact that this card is a baby Raditz is super exciting too.

More support for the Gogeta BR archetype, this Goku plays for 1 if you return the 1 cost Goku Br skill less card to your hand. He can then attack for 20k and return himself to hand. This returns to the theme from the Destroyer Kings Gogeta deck of keeping a large hand size.

So this is a strange one in my books. Goku is quite the cutie, but I find it weird that he has the same Character name as the adult Goku from this engine. It makes sense so he can be searched and used for fusion (if there's a Vegeta with 4k), but in terms of consistency with game design it seems lazy. Kakarot, or at least Son Goku Youth: BR would have been better, while not gelling with the rest of the deck, it would make more sense within the card game world Bandai have built. Anyway, this card lets you draw 1 and block for 1 energy assuming you have a red unison in place. Pretty good value.

This guy is the same as the Goku two cards up but for Vegeta so I won't go into detail. Cool art though.

Same issue with the baby Goku above, this guy can be used as a fusion piece and I think that's super weird, especially since he's a 10k so mixes with all the other pieces well. He adds 1 marker to your unison for 2 energy, not amazing value but in a pinch it could push you over the edge to being able to use your Unison's main ability.

Goliamite is back, this time in red. This card is very similar to the set 4(?) combo Demigra. He is a free combo that pops a 30k or more battle card if your opponent has 3 or less energy and it's your turn. The difference is he's also a 5k blocker if you feel you need one, which I think will be never for 2 energy.

Now we get into the Red Broly Support. This Paragus is a 1 cost with Overlord, allowing you to control your Servant cards early. He also searches for a red Broly BR or a red unison card with a cost of 1.

2 drop Paragus is another overlord card, but he has a skill that allows you to grab a Broly from your drop if he is discarded from hand via skill. Great defense against hand destruction and may also have synergy with some other cards that require you to discard in this format.

Cheelai (and Lemo to follow) are similar to the Cooler and Frieza cards from set 9 that return a Frieza clan to hand (except for Broly). You can tap 2 to return a red Broly BR to hand during your turn or during battle, which could be very useful if your opponent is trying to destroy it. Cheelai also acts as a blocker to top it off.

Lemo has the same skill as Cheelai except he's a 15k beater rather than a blocker, so he's meant more for offense.

Up until now this reveal hasn't really excited me that much. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not a massive fan of the above archetypes or because I'm just thinking more about getting my new puppy, but that changes right here. This card looks fucking sick. Bardock from the Broly movie just looks awesome in general, and this card is no different. On top of that, this card is also bonkers, allowing you to +3 markers to your red unison for 3 energy. He also has deflect to stop your opponent from messing it up for you. This guy could push Unisons like Kale over the edge to get their expensive skills off.

Who's that handsome bloke!? Nappa makes an appearance as a generic supercombo in this set. The Saibamen pay their respects.

A red Dark Dragon Dragon ball is the first Extra card of this reveal. I don't know much about the DDB's, but I assume this card is red (despite being for a Black archetype) because the ball itself is red? IDK, maybe it's something to do with making it less splashable, despite the 0 cost. Someone can explain this to me in the comments. This card like the other Xeno balls allows you to play the Xeno (Dark) version of the card using the standard version as tribute. In this case that card is a Black Broly (not BR) with an energy cost of 1. You can play A Dark Broly from your deck or drop. This seems like it could be snapped depending on the targets.

The second red extra card is Planet Vampa. Broly's forced home planet is a field card that allows you to self awaken, and play a Broly, Paragas, Ba or Goliamite (maybe that blocker is not as bad to play as I thought) from your deck, once per turn. You must then discard a card from your hand.

The final red extra card of this reveal is Violent Rays. A red counter attack that negates an attack and allows you to stop your opponents attacks of 20k or more from either battle cards or unisons for the turn if you drop a card. Nice tech, and a great addition to reds negate arsenal.

Dark Broly makes his first appearance as a Green Unison (I get the whole "dream team" unison theme thing, but I'm not a big fan, just seems messy). This card is very very strong. Green is becoming a massive force to be reckoned with, and I'm not sure I like it haha. Broly is a 3 specified cost unison that has double strike as standard. When a marker is removed from him, your opponent drops a card in their hand (once per turn), making him annoing AF to remove, especially since the green support can remove it's own unisons markers, and this guy is a +2 (whyyyy)! His +2 is a mutual discard, followed by your opponent having to KO one of their battle cards. His second skill has no marker change, and allows you to remove a marker from your opponents unison. Crazy.

Great Saiyaman is repping green as their version of the new supercombo. Something I forgot to mention with the above Raditz is these guys allow you to set up Servant by putting a card at the bottom of your deck, making them even stronger in decks that play the Overlord/Servant combo. The better green supercombo (for draw power) is still Paragus though.

Here's an example of an excellent card to place at the bottom of your deck with the above supercombo! Man Majin Vegeta is a sexy beast! He's a 30k Triple with Deflect, which even at 4 energy is decent considering he also negs your opponents unison card 3(!!) markers. Very strong!

Great to see the Vegeta cards keep rolling in, it's about time he gets a good archetype for himself! This guy negates an attack and gives you a 25k servant beater, and also let's you search for a green unison with a specified cost of 3. Good value.

Ah, a face we haven't really seen in a while. Young Videl is back as the green version of the 1 cost blocker cantrip for unison players.

A bit less offensive than the set 9 Bibidi, this guy is a 2 cost overlord that punishes removal by allowing you to play a 3 cost servant from hand for free. A good option for constant overlord on the field.

Dabura is a 2 cost unison Marker trade, allowing you to proc your Dark Broly's skill and force your opponent to drop a card.

Let me start this one off by saying, yes, you do need to pay the 4 energy to play this card as a counter play in addition to the extra cost in the card skill. This card sucks, change my mind.

Oh look, a 30k skill less. Would it kill Bandai to pick a less generic image? I don't think this has synergy with any of the old cards that call for a "Super Saiyan Son Goku", but happy to be corrected, I'm not going to dig them up and check. Sorry not sorry.

2 cost skill less. At least this has a cool pic. Gohan in his Kai suit, before he was completely shit.

Another Kaihan appearance comes in the form of Green's generic supercombo.

Green Gotenks is looking sweeeeet. I think that might be my deck when this set arrives. This guy allows you to play or grab a trunks from deck with 3 or less for 1 energy. Great value, although I think playing this guy with the Trunks below is even better since he's Crit pressure.

This guy is similar to the above in that he plays/grabs his counterpart, but he also activates an auto when used for fusion that allows you to search for a 2 cost unison from the top 7 cards of the deck, making the anniversary box and new Gotenks fusions even better!

Another 6 cost Green Gotenks to add to the collection, this guy comes out for 1, and hits for 19k Crit. He's hard to remove via skill due to his permanent that allows you to ditch a card as a replacement effect.

Another weird looking clown dude, Dark Dabura, allows you to remove a marker from your unison to search a Green Dark Dragon Ball from your deck or drop. Great in combination with the Dark Broly Unison.

Here we have a third Dabura card (I don't think Dabura has ever seen this much love in a single set). Like green needed yet another way to pop a field card!? This guy gets rid of a field with an energy cost of 1 for 1 energy if you discard him. Pretty much a worse version of Arena Wrecker... this definitely reeks of rotation in my opinion.

Now that is a beautiful card. Final Explosion allows you to +10k to a card during battle, as well as neg your own unison to neg your opponents. This card only works with green Vegeta leaders. It's important to point out the massive implications this card could have to some unisons, as negging your opponent's unison during battle removes any and all skills and power changes that card has recieved, so a card that get +10k and double strike as an example will lose that before the battle is over. This card is very strong.

Buu Buu Volleyball is the last card of this reveal. It's a counter attack that only works with Green Gotenks leaders. It negates the attack and then allows you to trade one card in your hand for 2 fusion pieces from your drop. Pretty snazzy!

That's it. I'm super excited for Gotenks next set. I've been testing the old leader and even that isn't bad so the new one should be great. Something I noticed is that unless I missed something, there's no generic Green Counter Attack Extra card in this set, which is weird.

Signing off from poolside, hope you have a great weekend!

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