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Surprise Draft Box Reveals!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

What a treat Dragonballers! Bandai has revealed 55 Cards from the upcoming draft box 5, Divine Multiverse!

Today we are going to go through all the new cards by Universe. Starting with Universe 1!

Universe 1

Universe 1 makes it's debut in the card game with one card revealed so far. Anato is a generic card however. That on top of the fact that U1 didn't play a big part in DBS, makes it likely that there won't be many other U1 cards in the set.

This card is very useful removal, allowing you to drop 2 cards from hand to remove up to two cards from your opponents battle area. It then nets you a card if you KO'd two.

Universe 2

Universe 2 is coming at us hard with more hand destruction. I'll start off by addressing the Extra card. A few of the universe archetypes have a "Universe X, Assemble!" extra card that helps with that specific universe's archetype. Universe 2's extra card is a 1 cost green that allows you to draw a card, and place a U2 card in the drop area from your deck. As the deck plays cards from the drop area, it makes sense to put certain cards there.

One card you really want in your drop is Ribrianne, Punishing Passion. This card will be a staple in green hand destruction decks without a doubt. Similar to the Son Goku ape from the last draft box, you can pay two energy (green) to banish the card from your drop to your warp, and your opponent discards 2 cards. So damn strong! This card is one of my picks of the reveal.

Universe 3

Universe 3 was knocked out fairly early in the ToP, so we don't have many cards from this realm either. There has only been one card revealed so far. The first of the Destroyer & Angel Rares (DAR) is Mosco & Kampari, Universe 3 Destroyer & Angel. This card is expensive, but iit does have a very strong effect. When you play the card it KOs an opponents battle card of choice. It's a blocker that also has revive, so it can block an attack and if they KO it, you can play it again to KO another card. That's not the good part though. You can use this to block a small attack, then when they play a battle card, you can pop it yourself to play it again and KO another card. Great in ramp!

Universe 4

Universe 4 has the most support in the new reveals, and the majority is based aroud 1 drop skill less battle cards. Last draft box we saw some support for 10k skill less cards too, so it looks like Bandai want to make them useful. Mirage Maker Shantza is a notable card which is almost like a Fearless Pan. If you have a board full of skill less cards, it switches them all to active after you attack. The problem is they are all still 10k (it does switch other 1 drops, so could be useful in that way) unless you buff them with other cards.

Ganos, Bird of Prey is excellent. In draft this card is GG. In constructed, It's expensive, but if you can make it work, it's so strong. It's a 30k double striker that restands for every two skill less cards you have in your drop area. It has deflect to stop those Invoker shenadigans also. You can reletively safely tap out for this card as on your opponent's next turn (if they get one), you can negate up to two attacks with this cards auto before it's destroyed. Pair with Senzu Bean and you can keep him alive to negate another one!

Universe 6

Universe 6 only had two cards revealed. The first, Worthy Warrior Kefla, is support for skill less, so it actually pairs really nicely with the Universe 4 stuff above. Definitely built for draft over constructed, but if 1 drop skill less decks take off, this will be the number one searcher, netting you two cards from the top 7.

Hit, Deadly Vanguard is a counter play that is reduced in hand by 2 on your opponent's turn. Sort of U6's version of the counter play Vegeta from last set. It's counter play skill stops a card from being played if it's cost is 5 or less (doesn't get around deflect), then when the card comes into play it also sends another card back to your opponents hand. This will definitely be played outside of draft.

Universe 7

Universe 7 as you would expect has many cards revealed. With the Warriors of Universe 7 skill being a thing, there are multiple colours represented here. There are some really interesting cards here.

Majin Buu, Cheerful Demon is a 3 drop 35k! Problem is, it comes in tapped. Good in draft, eh in constructed.

SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Concentrated Destruction is an excellent card in both formats. Coming out for 3 to destroy anything with 20k power or less on your opponent's board. It can also be placed from hand to drop to destroy a barrier card with 25k or less for 2 energy. Very versatile. My fav thing is that it's a new target for good old Chain Attack Trunks!

Son Goku/Vegeta, Strength of Legends are two black cards, but we haven't seen anything like these before. They both require one of each colour energy to use their Activate:Main. Goku is the better of the two. It comes out for free if you meet the requirements, then if you pay one of each energy after your initial attack, it restands and gains Dual Attack, Critical and Double Strike. Smart planning by Bandai means you can't evolve this card into Awakened Power, which is a good thing for everyone.

Frieza, Double-Edged Sword comes out for four and negs your opponents board. You can then evolve this card into the Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7 to really destroy your opponent's will to live.

The last card I want to mention is probably my favourite card of the reveal. Frieza, Imperial Inspiration is what we have wanted for so long... a Double Strike Champa for CRITICAL! Can't wait for this card! It only provides 5k combo power, but do we really care?

Universe 9

So we knew this was coming. The 4 drop yellow doggies from set 9 hinted that Universe 9 support in the draft box would also be yellow. The only real standouts for me here are Chappil and Basil.

Chappil the Iron Drake is amazing on defense. When an opponent attacks with any card you can rest one of their energy (once per turn). It means that your opponent will spend a lot of time trying to get rid of the card.

Basil, Fatal Rampage is a beautiful card. On top of its lovely design, it's also an excellent generic 1 drop. Drawing a card on play, it also gains dual attack and 15k (until your next turn) when your opponent has 5 cards in rest mode.

Special mention to the Bergamo, which does look good on paper. I'm just not sure it's worth the investment. If you can bait your opponent to rest their energy, then it becomes an extreme threat.

Universe 10

Universe 10 is another one of those that didn't make a massive dent on the ToP. There are some very good cxards in this reveal however.

Rumsshi & Kusu, Universe 10 Destroyer & Angel is the second and final DAR of the reveal. This makes U/G ramp even more threatening by providing a second card multi that can come into energy untapped. This time by warping 2 cards from drop. A fine price for such an advantage.

Obuni, Afterimage Slash is quite possibly the most value for 4 energy in one card we've ever seen. It's vunerable to things like the DB4 Vegeta counter play, but if you do get it out, it provides 3 15k beaters, and a 20k beater that can't be KOd unless your Afterimage (new tokens yay!) tokens are destroyed first. On top of that, you can reveal the top card of your deck for a potential untap. All the above plus the hand knowledge the activate main provides, is insane value!

Universe 11

These cards are interesting. They don't really fit with any existing archetyppe completely, although some of them fit with U11, and some of them fit with "Alien". The 1/2 drops can be played for in the Green/Yellow U11 using skills, which eliminates the need for red energy, but whether they're worth playing is a different story.

Pride Collective Cocotte is probably the best card to try and crowbar into the G/Y deck, because it puts more U11 bodies on board for the leader skill.

Jiren, the All-Seeing is a great card for draft, and is good for controlling the board. It can neg each attacking card by 10k, which is amazing.

That's the last of the reveals. I would have loved to go in depth on all of them, but with a 55 card reveal that isn't really feasible in the amount of time I have!

I want to say here, that some of these cards have the best art I've seen in this game so far. Bandai is really stepping it up, and I can't wait for this release!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Sam Russell

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