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Tag, You're It - DB4 Duo Power Rares Revealed

I'm on the wines, and feel like writing, so I'ma get this one out early!

Today we finally got to see the last of the Draft Box 4 exclusive cards, the poorly titled "Duo Power Rares". There are some interesting cards here to be sure. Let's start with red.

Vegeta, Saiyan Tag Team looks like it will be a great tech card in both Draft and Constructed. I can even see it being played in the U6 decks that are currently running rampant. A 6k buff to a u6 or u7 battle card for the duration of your opponents turn and until the end of your next turn, plus a 20k body, all for 1 energy. Value is an understatement. This also sets up your next attack nicely.

Cabba, Saiyan Tag Team is a barrier blocker that also restands at the end of your turn. great for pressure and defense.

Uneasy Alliance Son Goku looks like a very exciting card, Counter: Attack for 2 blue energy, and also either return your battle card to your hand, or use it to send an opponents battle card (which seems like the value play to me). Could see play in Janemba. Has synergy with Uneasy Alliance Frieza, but I don't think that will see play.

The Frieza does provide the ability to shoot a bigger card back to your opponents hand, but it doesn't seem worthwhile.

The next four cards were revealed earlier in the week, so we've had time to mull them over. The Son Gohan is a decent turn one play for easy self awaken. I don't think it's anything revolutionary, although I like seeing more delayed play cards.

Piccolo, Master and Pupil... Now this card is the sh*t! Essentially an "Everybody's Pal Yamcha" that searches 5 deep for any card with 10k combo power, with the caveat of a burst 3 cost. This would be great in a traditional Kaioken deck.

The second lot of the early reveals is the father and son duo, Bardock and Goku.

Bardock, Father and Son is the pick of the two, a free play if you switch one of your opponent cards to rest mode, which is just crazy value, and will be used in yellow decks for sure. The Goku comes into play for free when an opponents card is switched to rest, which pairs nicely with the Bardock. This combo will be so good if you somehow manage to snag these in draft, and in constructed they are also solid.

The SS3 Future Duo are here. SS3 Future Gohan, if I'm interpreting the skill correctly, comes in to play for free when an over realm card goes to the warp at the end of your turn, which is great for extra defence in any black deck if you can find the space.

Trunks is an excellent agro piece, being a 15k crit body for zeor energy, with the option of being a double strike if the attack isn't negated. Powerful.

That's it! The Draft Box cards have all been revealed. We'll be doing a box opening and a draft on stream next week, be sure to check it out on our Twitch and Youtube Channels!

The DPR cards have been uploaded to our proxy cache under DB-1.


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