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That Baby is a Parasite - Set 11 reveals #8

I feel like I got the easy article today after Ché did the last reveal over the weekend, because today's reveal only contains 2 new cards! Baby & SS4 Goku are two new Blue

unison cards, and one is much better than the other.

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. One of my all time favs.

Let's start with Baby

This guy is a monster. Arguably the best Blue unison to date, he comes in for 3 energy and then has a +2 that draws you a card, making him 5 markers deep when he's played. Extremely hard to remove. The real value is in his -5 skill. It gives your leader card +15k power and Double Strike for the turn (Set 10 Zamasu liked this), then allows you to activate any blue counter skills during your opponents next turn by dropping two cards rather than paying the energy cost. Considering one of the new SRs this set is a 5 cost blue Baby counter, that's kinda amazing! Love this card. If you didn't pick this up from my meme above, this guy is Trunks, infected by Baby. I don't like DB Heroes, but this looks fucking sick.

Now we get to Goku, which when compared to Baby, is rather sad. This guy is a 15k, for 5 energy minimum. Now you have to discount that he's meant to be played in the new Vegeta Ramp deck, so 5 energy isn't a huge amount, but it still seems sad. He has an on play auto that places a toppo style blanket effect on your opponent for their next turn which means they need to bottom deck a 2 cost or more battle card in order to atack with battle cards, which is decent. He has a -1 that let's you draw 2 and bottom deck 1, then a -2 that board wipes to hand ignoring barrier. That's likely the reason for the 5 specified cost, because paying 2 for that type of board wipe would be broken. Okay I don't hate it, but compared to Baby...

That's it. Shortest article ever? I'm not complaining! Have a good week everyone!


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