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THAT'S MY BULMA!!!! - Set 8 Bulma Cards Revealed

We had Beerus the Destroyer yesterday, today we have the flipside of the Battle of the Gods movie, the long awaited Bulma leader has been revealed!

Straight off the bat, this is a very unique leader. All red and yellow Saiyans and Earthlings gain blocker on both sides of the card. She is an activate main to draw 1, which as I mentioned about the Beerus leader, is a great skill. Having the option of drawing without attacking is always good. This leader has a lot of similarities to the WMAT Hercule leader, in that the general strategy is to outdraw your opponent. She also only has 5k power on the unawakened side. This is another untap 2 to awaken leader, which is such a great ability to have back in set 8!

Her awakened side, Bulma, Familial Bonds has 10k power (again, like Hercule), but this time, she can activate main to draw 2 cards rather than one. That's very powerful.

I feel like this leaders viability rests solely on the support we see for it. Being able to draw so much is a great asset in this game, but in the current meta where agro is so prevalent, having 10k power can be all it takes to lose. Also, Janemba exists, and is pretty much the reason Hercule doesn't see much play.

A fun little effect that this leader creates with it's permanent is that the Videl and Yellow Roshi negates are treated as blockers as soon as they hit the board, which means they have the potential to stop two attacks rather than one. However, I'm not sure that will be enough to save the deck.

Either way, I think this leader looks really fun, and I'll definitely be trying to make it work upon release!

If you thought the leader already drew a lot, wait until you see this card! Birthday Party is a field card that can be played for free if there is a red/yellow multi colour card in your energy. Once it's on the field it allows you to draw two cards at the end of every turn, and then drop two cards. That's crazy for hand fixing and deck filtering. This means you're drawing 4 per turn without any other effects! It also sets up sparking or overrealm.

Son Goten, Rushing In is essentially a 1 drop Revenge Blocker if used in the Bulma deck. Good value for sure, and a great card when you're opponent has big threats on board.

Slapping Beerus around is a great past time for this wily heroine! Bulma, Unyielding Courage is pretty darn good value as a 1 drop cantrip that also brings out a 1 drop Saiyan from the drop area (with it's skills negated for the turn) for 1 extra energy. It then sets up overrealm and sparking by milling 2 (this deck is making Janemba players drool). On top of that, it's a blocker in the Bulma deck, which is important, given this next card.

The last card of this reveal is a beauty. Look at that artwork! SS Vegeta, Raging Frenzy is a 5 drop red/yellow card that comes into play if a Bulma in your battle area is removed by an opponents skill or KO'd. So essentially it's a free 20k Double striker when you block an attack with the above or another Bulma card. I love that mechanic for how closely it follows the anime!

So what do you think of the Bulma leader? I feel like it could be viable, but it would be an uphill battle against anything agro or millnemba.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Set 8 upon release!

~ Sam Russell

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