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THE CHAMP IS HERE! - An interview with Christopher Cheong.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

G'day Saibafans,

We are here with Christopher Cheong, the winner of the DBS area champs held last weekend in Brisbane. Christopher ran 'Broly/Broly the Awakened Threat' to take first place.

The Saibamen: What inspired you to use this leader and the deck engine? What are the key cards that steered you to victory?

Christopher Cheong: When I was building the deck, my thought process was to play a deck can could accomplish the following objectives:

- Be able to cheat cards out by going against the nature of how the cards were designed to be played.

- To end the game by turn 5.

With these objectives in mind, I was inspired to play Broly Apes.

'Saiyan Cabba' and 'Great Ape Bardock, Raider's Warcry' were the key cards to achieve victory.

The Saibamen: What match-ups were you most concerned with going into the tourney?

Christopher Cheong: To be completely honest, I was not really concerned with my match-ups; while I know deck choice plays a role in your success in a major event, it is more important to concern yourself with your own skill set. But to answer the question asked, I think it would have to be ramp.

The Saibamen: What were your matches in Swiss and Top Cut? What were your biggest challenges?

Christopher Cheong:

Round 1 – R/G Clashku (W)

Round 2 – U/Y nemba (L)

Round 3 – Porunga ramp (W)

Round 4 – Broly U6 (D)

Round 5 – Frieza Prison (W)

Round 6 – Broly U6 (W)

Of all the match ups, I felt that round 6 was the biggest challenge because should I have lost or drew, making top cut was no longer possible. Because of that reason, it also became my most memorable round! (shout out to Ash Morrison, my round 6 opponent. Was a fantastic set!)

The Saibamen: What tips can you give players heading into Nationals? Advice for tourney play in general?

Christopher Cheong: PREPARE, PREPARE, AND PREPARE!! I cannot stress enough that one simple saying - preparation is key. I’ve seen so many people switch decks last minute, with minimal hours on the deck and thus not knowing the intricate plays the deck is capable of doing in clutch moments and bringing themselves into time and potentially being robbed of a game/match that was easily winnable. Nationals is less than a month away, pick a deck and learn it like your life depends on it!

The Saibamen: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you play and how long have you been playing DBS?

Christopher Cheong: I am a Melbourne player and started playing DBS 3 weeks before Nationals 2018. My friends and I decided to get into DBS as a side game. We play Yu-Gi-Oh! as our main. As I started learning the game, I started to enjoy i t more and more. From there on, I persuaded my locals (Next Level Games Dandenong, NLG for short) to start hosting locals in exchange for me building a community to regularly host local tournaments. From then on, I decided to take the game a little more seriously and switch between competitive seasons for Yu-Gi-Oh! and DBS. As of this coming Nationals 2019, I would’ve played DBS for exactly a year. =)

The Saibamen: Any thanks and shout-outs?

Christopher Cheong: Oh, most definitely! =)

First off, I want to give a big shout-out to my test group who were willing to test with me every day after work till late. Without them, I would not have made it as far as I did this event!

I want to thank TAK Games for hosting a very well ran event in Brisbane!

The Brisbane boys were fantastic hosts to me too! Since I traveled alone, they welcomed me warmly and made my trip memorable. Big shout-outs to them!

Lastly, I want to thank The Saibamen for taking the time to do this interview with me, it was an honor! =)


Thanks Christopher, for taking the time to share your experience with us and a big congrats on the win!

The Top 8 Deck lists from Brisbane were released this week by TAK games. Christopher's Deck list can be found here:!/deck/233320

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Ché

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