The Spice King #10 - Mono Challenge - Buu with a twist

Hey Saibafam! Chris here with my final mono deck to tie up this series!

I decided to go with this deck to pay tribute to Sam who used this deck (minus some spice) to win the Adelaide regional event here in Australia! So with that let’s get right into it!

Leader: Bibidi/Majin Buu, One with Nothingness

This leader makes the deck unstoppable. You are essentially just wanting to throw your hand down as combo power as soon as you can to awaken. Your awakened side basically allows you to punish on your turn while maintaining a defence provided you used your hand up by drawing 5 cards at the end of your turn.

The Buu Package!

By now we should all know how these 6 Buu’s work. Being able to chain these guys together early on in the game is essentially why this deck is so strong. All you need to do is make sure you do not have a hand and they are in the drop area for you to use. You basically want the 2 drop out so you can get the buu ball rolling early. Cards like the 1 drop help you make sure you find one in time to use.

Babidi, Unrepentant Sorcerer x 3

Babidi helps you get the 2 drop out efficiently. This is a good way to get things started once you have 2 energy.

Bibidi, Primeval Conjurer x 4

Of course the supercombo of choice. Your drop area will be so big that this card is relevant from turn 2 onwards.

Dabura, Darkness Perfected x 2

This is a nice counter play card that allows you to shut down any big threats your opponent might try to play essentially giving you another turn.

Hatchhyack, Hatred Everlasting x 2

This guy lets you fill your drop area up with potential Buu pieces you may need. Simply place this card from your hand to the drop area and mill 2 from the top of your deck.

Turles, the Unstoppable Ghost Warrior x 2

Turles is a great compliment to the deck due to how aggressive you are with the Buu chain. Hatchyack gives this guy fuel for his Activate Main so you can play him extremely early and also helps you discard cards from your hand!

Petrification x 2

Petrification is a useful tool when you need to stop multiple swings from big threats. Best part about it is you don’t have to select the card that attacked!

Power Burst x 3

The old faithful Power Burst. Sparking 5 allows you to use this very early on if you need to by taking life instead if you find yourself tapped out. Great counter in general.

Majin Buu’s Human Extinction Attack x 3

This card again compliments the deck nicely. 15K to your leader or battle cards and you get to warp a card from your opponents drop area then mill 4 from your deck effectively increasing your chances for dropping more Buu’s to use in your Buu chain. I find using this early does a lot of damage!

Son Goku, Dimensional Defender x 3

Goku is in here mainly for the ISR. This card does not seem to disrupt the deck too much because it allows you to put pieces you warp back into the drop. Also your super combo doesn’t get hurt by this as it also counts your warped cards!

Son Goku, Saiyan Transcendence x 3

Finally the ISR spice to wrap up the series. Xeno evolve this guy on the above once you get to 4 energy! Again Goku puts more pieces back into your drop from warp. 1 energy for a double strike swing is pretty good and seems to work in this deck. Most people that come up against this Buu deck don’t expect an overealm because most of the time if suffocates the Buu chain out of the game.

So there we go everyone. Finally the mono series is complete. I have had a blast putting these lists together as well as trying them out during these strange times. I hope you have enjoyed reading these articles too! I have another series I am working on up until set 10 drops so stay tuned!!

Once again thanks for all of the support in checking these out! I can’t wait to show you all what I have up next!

Stay safe Saibafam!

~ Chris Trevenar AKA The Spice King

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