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The Spice King #2 - No Skill Frieza

Hi Saibafam, Chris here with my next spice of life decklist. I know we are all busy drilling the meta into our heads for the next upcoming Regional championship as well as the finals but I wanted to break the tension with another fun little list I have been trying out this last week. So if you feel like having a bit of fun with some mates or just want to trip some people up at your next local, feel free to give this a spin!

You may have to dust off some old cards for this one because it is another blast from the past.

So here it is, No Skill Frieza:

LEADER: Frieza/Ultimate Form Golden Frieza

Frieza/Ultimate Form Golden Frieza

What can I say about this guy? He has shown up as quite a good leader in the past at many events and still to this day is a very usable option. This is mainly due to his leader effect. Being able to draw and untap energy passively from just dropping a battle card from your battle area was very useful in a time where it wasn’t always good to attack your opponent’s leader to net a card. If you time his awakening right you can potentially draw 5 (effect, awaken, effect, swing) and untap 3 energy!

Avenging Frieza x 3

This deck runs many 2 drop or less Frieza’s Army cards so this is an auto include. Combine this with your leader’s effect means you can drop him and draw another card and untap the energy you used to play him in the first place. Very old school play.

Bitter Past Ginyu x 3

As the deck runs Ginyu, this guy is another auto include. I know there are a lot of barrier destroying cards out there now, but if you can get him to sit there until turn 3 or 4 it’ll be worth the wait!

Frieza, Biding His Time x 3

I included this card due to the anti-untap cards you will come across now. Playing him means you can tap that 1 drop and at the same time swing with him to get it off the board. Not a clean way to deal with them but still gets the job done.

Appule and Sui x 4 (of each)

Ok so here comes the main guts of the deck. These cards are in here to be both a Frieza’s Army target as well as a Dimension Support Trunks target. I know there are stronger decks that run the vanilla engine but I was super keen to try it out with the Frieza’s army spice.

Ginyu x 4

And here is our other vanilla spice. Being able to drop him with critical off the back of Bitter Past Ginyus effect means you can do some pretty aggressive things using Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai. I always found myself getting the 40k double strike critical swings to go through more often than not. Also if your opponent does not have any good board clear, generally he sticks around for the following turn due to that nice 30k power.

Frieza, Malicious Streak x 3

Something newer to freshen up the deck! This was made for this leader literally. When the time is right you just simply use your leaders effect to drop him, take a life and play one of the 1 drop Friezas. Basically giving you another body to use on your awakened side without having to tap more energy.

Destructive Occupation Frieza x 3

Very useful card on your first few turns. Play him on the defensive to give you more bodies for your leader’s effect as well as protect your life.

Zarbon, the Emperor’s Attendant x 2

Zarbon is in here to protect as many of your Frieza’s army cards as you can. You generally don’t want to lose all of your 15k+ Army cards as you will need them again the following turn for your leader’s effect.

Dimension Support Trunks x 4

This card is brilliant. Bring out another 15k body with critical for 1 energy means you can do some very aggressive things with Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai while maintaining your energy. Also works great with your leader as you can then ditch the 15K card after you attack to net another card and untap some more energy!

Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai x 4

Double strike is great in this deck with all of the critical potential you will have. Being able to passively draw cards in this deck means you don’t have to attack your opponent’s leader until you can get some of these critical attacks off. Combine it with a double strike and you have yourself a deadly offensive.

Botamo, Defender of Universe 6 x 4

As you will be using overealm in this deck, sparking supers will be too tricky to use.

Cold Bloodlust x 1

Auto include. Just needs to be used whenever you are playing a Frieza’s Army leader. Even at 1 it is still a great counter play.

Flying Nimbus x 3

Still one of the best counters in the game. Slows down aggro decks to a halt. You can’t go wrong with this card.

Time Magic x 3

I know I am contradicting myself here but if you pay attention to your drop area you should be able to use this card effectively with sparking. Also another awakening option if needed.

Kefla’s Fury x 2

This is not the greatest counter play out there but hear me out. I found that using this card as early as possible is super useful when you need that extra card or 2. Being able to untap with your leader’s effect means you can set up this card early on and not worry about tapping out on the defence.

So there it is. I have had a lot of fun testing this deck out this week with some really good results. I wouldn’t say this deck is great in a BO3 but if you are going in against someone in a BO1 you will more than likely catch them off guard with how the deck can play multiple threats at once.

It is also a super cost effective deck based on how many wins I had with it! Again feel free to customise it as you see fit. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do making them!

See you all next week Saibafam with other spicy one!

~ Chris Trevenar AKA The Spice King

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