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The Spice King #3 - Gotenks Saiyan Scramble!

Hey Saibafam!

Chris here with another spicy one for you! This week we are going to be looking at a green leader I have always been very fond of. Gotenks! I know we recently had a special list from none other than Mickey Khanthisuwan in which he showed us how he uses this leader and his lovely waifu’s but this list will be my take on it!

So here it is, my Gotenks Saiyan Scramble deck! Firstly let’s brush over the leader which we are all familiar with.

This leader is unique in that it basically encourages you to keep a low or at least lower hand size compared to your opponent so they are forced to discard a card each turn. At the time this effect was unreal as decks were not draw greedy meaning you could keep your opponents hand relatively low. Nowadays newer leaders can put many cards in your hand early which can be tricky when it comes to using Gotenks, but on the plus side you are almost guaranteed his effect will work every turn!

Saiyan Cabba x 3

Very useful for both awakening and sometimes even finishing a game. Having a potential 15k double strike for 1 energy is very good value.

Broly Demonic Origins x 4

Not only is this card great for charging after you have charged a different Red/Green card, its effect works hand in hand with your leader. Turn 2 make them drop 2 cards with this guy and your leaders swing. Lovely.

Combo Strike Son Gohan x 2

Mainly used for getting a SSB Gogeta Resonant Explosion out early. Also another Red/Green body to charge.

Bodyguard Ledgic x 2

Great card in this deck, brings your hand down so your leader’s effect goes off. Great turn 1 play.

Digging Deep Vegeta x 2

This guy is a great self-awakening tool. Being able to take up to 2 life and swing twice with him at 20k is just pure value.

Furthering Destruction Champa x 2

Having even just 1 of these in your deck can make all the difference. Turning a seemingly harmless single strike swing into a double strike + 10k can win you the game.

Son Gohan & Son Goten Familial Bonds x 2

One of your finisher cards. Alliance is such a cool effect and I can’t wait to see what other cards will use it in the future. His auto effect also stops some of those pesky counter:play and even some counter:attack cards your opponent may play in response that plays a battle card.

Ghost Attack Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks x 3

I love this card, still one of my favourites from set 2. Play him and he spits out 3 ghost tokens plus gives himself and the ghosts double strike if you have 4 or less cards in hand. 100% works with this leader. Just awesome!

SSB Gogeta Resonant Explosion x 4

Basically a staple in Red/Green decks now. A 20K body that pops a target with a cost of 4 or less for 1 red energy? Yes please.

SS Vegeta Exploding with Energy x 2

This card is so underrated. He removes those ALL 1 drop threats (that don’t have barrier) by just playing him. Again, very good at removing the anti untap 1 drops too, although you won’t have to worry about that too much in this deck.

Trunks, Bridge to the Future x 3

Great in this deck as it runs mostly saiyans. Fuels the drop area a little bit for over realm.

Super Saiyan Gotenks x 2

Keeping with the Gotenks theme a bit plus adding in a bit of spice. For 5 energy you can untap 2 energy and draw 1 card. This allows you to play more threats after playing this card or have some energy on the defence if you decide to only use him.

Bardock, Awakened Instincts x 2

This card is so useful, draw 2 and discard 1 is good for hand cycling and over realm 4 is more than viable in this deck. Who doesn’t like a 20K body that doesn’t require you to tap energy?

Defending Father Paragus x 4

I agree Mickey, this is the best super combo in the game right now. Also searchable by Trunks!

SS3 Scramble – Raditz Vegeta & Broly x 1

A HUGE finisher. Auto 2 damage is just filthy. Not much else to say here they speak for themselves, just look at those locks of hair.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack x 4

Auto include with this leader. 2 energy for 2 15k swings is amazing. Very aggressive early on. If your opponent has no removal they are in for a world of hurt as 2 can become 4 or even 6 very quickly. Combine this with the SS3 Gotenks card and you will have a mighty ghost army at your disposal.

For the Greater Good x 2

I have been enjoying using these counters lately. They are there in case of an emergency but in this instance this card is also good with this leader as it keeps your hand low so you can use your leader effect efficiently.

Shocking Death Ball x 4

Still a great counter card. Green deck staple.

Hidden Power of the Saiyans x 2

More potential discard. As your leader is forcing a discard each turn plus a broly or 2 to discard more, they are more likely to drop what they are going to play. Gives your opponent something to think about!

So there we go, my take on a spicy Gotenks list. I wanted to stay true to the token spice but also throw in some meta so it can throw some heavy punches. From my playtesting I had so much fun with it I decided to keep it built for when I want to have a bit of fun! Obviously I wouldn’t take this to any major events but it totally is something you can try at your next locals or even just having some fun with friends. Again side board is open for you all to add what you like or even just tweak the deck itself.

I hope you have enjoyed this one and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store next time!

Also good luck to everyone competing at major regional and final events in the next few months!

Stay tuned Saibafam, until next time!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content!

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Chris Trevenar AKA The Spice King

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