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The Spice King #5 - SS3 Bardock’s Final Gambit

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Hi Saibafam!

Finally I am back from my short (long?) hiatus with another spicy one!

Set 8 has me excited with so many cool ideas brewing but before I crack into that can of worms I wanted to share this list I have had for well over a month now.

So let’s get into it! This will be the last deck from what I have called Wave 1 of my deck lists articles!

Masked Saiyan/Bardock, Unbound by Darkness

This leader is 110% my favourite leader. Ever since they revealed this bad boy I have always had a deck built around him.

Yes he doesn’t draw on the front but wow is this card aggressive (or can be). Mill 3 cards on attack and if at least one was black and one was a colour then your leader gets critical and +5000K. Huge.

Saiyan Cabba/Intensifying Power Trunks/Digging Deep Vegeta x 3 of each

These guys are a staple with red aggro. Having these in the deck frees up your options whether you want to crit life or go for game. Perfect awakening tools for this leader.

Furthering Destruction Champa x 3 Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai x 4

Double strike fun. Having so much crit in this deck allows you to run both of these cards. You can go down to 6 if need be but I found 7 is fine as long as you use them!

Dimension Support Trunks package

More critical to hurt your opponent further. You can run any of the skilless presented here, I run 1 of each for flavour.

Bodyguard Ledgic x 2

A really nice card for free pressure, playing this for free if you go second is an awesome bonus in this deck.

Burst Attack Son Gohan x 3

Critical and more importantly replenish your hand. This leader’s biggest downfall is hand size and this card gives you some breathing room in situations where your opponent has fended off most attacks. A definite auto include.

SS3 Tag Team Trunks x 4

More double strike and more critical. This card compliments the theme of the deck perfectly well.

Mira, From the Darkness x 4

Critical and 20K. Throw a double strike on him and 9/10 times your opponent crits 2 life on turn 2/3. Lovely.

Bardock Awakened Instincts x 3

This guy is another way you will gain more cards to keep piling on the pain. Draw 2 discard 1 is super handy as it lets you refresh your hand.

Also in the deck to help out the next card....

SS3 Bardock Power Unleashed x 3

Love. This. Card. One of the only cards that can remove barrier from the field and adds that extra bit of spice to the deck.

A crack in Spacetime x 3

Very cool card for this leader. It basically guarantees you a double crit early on in the game providing your leaders effect worked correctly.

Most of the time if you use this turn 1,2 or even 3 they will take the crit.

Supreme Kai of Time, Worlds Protector x 4

Best supercombo for this deck. You will be overealming A LOT.

Beyond Darkness Demigra x 1

No sweat if you don’t own this bad boy. He is not 100% needed but if you have him throw him in there. A beast of a finisher and you should be able to fulfill the 7 black card requirement provided you don’t overealm every turn.

So there we have it!

This deck will always stay with me and I will be looking to upgrade it as more sets become available in the future.

I have been able to win some really tough match ups with some meta builds (pre set 8) and even with set 8 out now I believe it can still hold its own.

Again Saibafam, change it up as you see fit and please feel free to leave me some feedback or questions!

It’s good to be back, watch this space because I have some really fun things in store for wave 2!!!

Till next time.

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Christopher "The Spice King" Trevenar

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