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The Spice King #7 - Mono Challenge - Green Vegito

Hey Saibafam!

Today we have the mono green deck for my mono series! This deck was very tricky to build as I needed to fit together both my favourite green leader and the green Broly ISR.

So without further ado here is my mono green Vegito list!

Leader: Vegito/Going All In, SSB Vegito

This leader is one of if not my favourite leader. The Saibamen team know how much I used to play this guy back when I was living up in Sydney. If you have the correct type of build with enough removal, this leader can be 25k double strike on the awakened side providing your opponent has no battle cards. This is easier to do these days given the amount of removal we have access to.

2 x Blazing Technique

A great support card for this leader. One of the many cards in this deck that allows you to KO something keeping your leader a big threat.

3 x Broly’s Ring

Because the ISR is in the deck we need to include these in the deck. Play this turn 1 if you can and wait it out to turn 4.

3 x Cell’s Earth Destroying Kamehameha

A nice complimentary card for this deck. Paying 1 energy to potentially make your leader swing for 40k double strike and your opponent drops a card is amazing value. 1 energy. 1.

2 x Infernal Emperor Frieza

In here to help awaken early if needed.

4 x Newfound Power Son Gohan

In here to also help awaken early and also add some pressure.

4 x Shocking Death Ball

This counter is great as it is more removal for the early game. Also nice to have the sparking as a bonus.

4 x Defending Father, Paragus

One of the best super combos. Auto include in most green decks these days.

3 x Preemptive Strike

A nice counter play that allows you to stop them from having a board.

3 x Unlikely Duo Son Goku

In the deck to be used with Piccolo Special Beam Cannon Unleashed. Nice searcher in this deck as there are multiple targets.

4 x Piccolo Assimilated Ability

A very neat card in this deck. Can be searched by Goku and allows you to KO a battle card. More board clear.

4 x Piccolo Special Beam Cannon Unleashed

Play this for free and pop Goku to kill anything that hasn’t got barrier or is 2 cost or less. Just more board clear that is pretty economical.

3 x Surprise Attack Frieza

Because you are KOing cards this card is nice inclusion. Play it for free after something is KO’d for more free pressure. Critical is nice cherry on top.

3 x SS3 Broly, Saiyan Berserker

This ISR looks so good. Unfortunately it is aimed to be used with a Broly leader. However we can get some nice value from this card on turn 4. Being able to pop Broly’s ring and play this guy for 4 energy is pretty neat considering your leader untaps for his awaken skill. Being 35k puts him out of most counter play danger. We are just trying to abuse his first Auto as his second one is useless to us. We want to play either one of the next 2 cards….

4 x Broly The Rampaging Horror

An absolute classic. Being able to play this for free and then make your opponent drop 2 cards is such good value off the back of SS3 Broly’s auto.

4 x Rampaging Super Saiyan Broly

Another fun target to go for if you see the triple strike paying off. Play this for free and you get yourself a 30k triple strike swing. Combine this with the fact your leader may have a 25k double strike swing up his sleeve and a 35k single swing from SS3 Broly and you have yourself a BIG turn.

So there we go guys! This one was a bit of an odd list to put together and test out. I actually had a lot of fun running it and will continue to upgrade it as more sets come out.

I encourage you all to have a go and try it out. Again, feel free to mix it up a bit and try your own spin on the concept.!/deck/239987

Stay tuned for my mono blue list coming very soon.

Until then, thanks once again for stopping by and having a look! I am loving this challenge!

View the decklist here!!/deck/239987

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Chris Trevenar AKA The Spice King

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