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The Spice King #8 - Mono Challenge - Blue Hirudegarn

Hey Saibafam!

Chris here with next edition of my mono challenge series. Today is going to be my mono blue list featuring Hirudegarn as the leader of choice! So let’s get right into it!

Leader: Hirudegarn/Awakened Perfection Hirudegarn

This is still one of my favourite blue leaders which is why I have chosen it to be my mono blue leader of choice. Having access to a very neat super combo that is still very powerful is great and the leader effect on the front side is also super powerful when you need to search for particular cards.

4 x Awakening Talent Pan

Pan is super handy for awakening as well as maintaining a healthy hand size.

2 x Burnished Bonds Borgos

Splashing 2 of these guys in the deck can really annoy your opponent as we see more and more cards being able to untap energy of all different colours.

4 x Dimension Magic

Still a very good blue counter. Being able to untap 2 blue energy as well as Sparking is just a great safety net late game.

2 x Phantom Flame Cannon

This card can really help you set up for a win in this deck. Combine this with your awakened leader effect puts 2 (or 3 if you have both!) cards out of your opponents hand which combine with Gogeta is just a fantastic way to almost confirm a win.

4 x Senzu Bean

Always a staple in any deck that runs blue. Can go wrong with 4 beans!

3 x Ultra Instinct Goku’s Kamehameha

These IAR cards look amazing. This one pumps your leader by 15k during battle as well as allow you to draw a card on your turn or untap 1 blue energy. Very handy card!

3 x Whis’s Coercion

More counters in this deck to help stall out a few turns to get Gogeta ready! This counter is still great value.

4 x Hoi, Emissary of Flame

This super combo is amazing. Discard 1 card and draw 2 allows you to cycle your hand faster and find things you need earlier. Usually this leads into you finding more super combos!

2 x Mafuba

Just still a great slap in the face to your opponent when they play their world beater. If you can counter its attack then this card really throws a spanner in the works of your opponent’s plans for your defeat.

Gogeta Package: 4 x SS Son Goku, 4 x SS Vegeta, 3 x Ultimate Fusion Gogeta, 3 x Gogeta, Hero Revived

The Gogeta Package! The deck fits around this quite nicely. Being able to find Vegetas and Gokus quickly as well as Gogeta helps you set up your win con. Both Gogeta’s are in this deck to provide some flexibility.

3 x SS3 Trunks, Saiyan Harmonizer

Fitting this ISR into the decks wasn’t too hard in the end. It complements the Gogeta chain and being able to actively discard cards with your leader effect helps add more skilless cards into the drop to make this card an even bigger threat. Combine that with the fact you can untap energy with your leaders awaken skill as well as senzu beans means you have a nice ace up your sleeve.

2 x Majin Buu

Generally if you see this card you discard it to draw 2 more. More skilless cards to fuel SS3 Trunks.

Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be a 3 cost or even 2 cost skilless. I just like Majin Buu.

3 x UItra Instinct Son Goku, the Unstoppable

Now this card isn’t a must have in the deck. I know not many are around but I have chosen to include them. It’s just a great counter play to have and this deck uses it efficiently.

So there it is guys! My mono blue list! Feel free to mix it up a bit and add in your own spice to suit what you have in your collection. I feel like this is one of the stronger mono lists out of the 5 I will be showing. This deck is very defensive while still having some very aggressive threats.

I hope you have enjoyed this list guys as well as the series so far. I will have the following 3 lists coming out in rapid succession now that I am back on deck!

Next up will be Yellow…..

Until then guys! Thanks for reading and stopping by!

View the decklist here!!/deck/239981

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!

~ Chris Trevenar AKA The Spice King

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