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The Spice King #9 - Mono Challenge - SS4 Madness

Hi Saibafam! Today I am going to be going through my mono yellow list which I have been working on during these strange times. This deck has been really fun to put together and test as it involves one of my favourite types of cards: Great Apes!

So without further ado, here is my Mono Yellow SS4 Goku list!

Starting with the Leader:

Son Goku & Pan/ SS4 Son Goku, Senses Regained

Looking through all of the yellow leaders we have access to these days this was a hard choice. I ended up choosing this leader purely on how aggressive it really is. Taking 2 life to give something double strike as well as awakening at 2 life is a very dangerous but I loved the idea of trying it. As much as it can be a double edged sword kind of leader, it does seem to do well if you can set up the board correctly for protection. Also, on the awakened side, being able to go for game with 2 potential swings with double strike is very handy.

Crusher Ball x 3

Standard yellow counter play for this deck. It actually compliments the SS2 Kefla ISR really well. Great way to stall out big game enders that do not have deflect.

Flying Nimbus x 3

Again, very standard counter card for yellow. Only need 3 as you will have access to blockers.

Planet Vegeta x 3

This card ties the deck together nicely. Being able to search for your super combos as well as find the King Vegeta is very useful. Makes Apes viable.

SS3 Son Goku, the Last Straw x 4

This card is in here to apply more pressure when needed. Being able to almost go double strike after double strike with this deck is very rewarding.

Vegeta’s Final Flash x 3

This card is amazing. It saves you against so many threats it was hard not to have 4 in the deck. Being able to use it on the defensive or offensive gives it such great flexibility but negating a cards skills ignoring barrier is just incredible for 1 energy.

Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts x 3

This card does most of the damage from when it is in your drop area. Being able to draw 2 for 2 energy at no expense to your hand puts you at a great advantage and helps you find the cards you need.

Pure Hearted Son Goku x 4

Supercombo of choice. Being a yellow saiyan helps allows Planet Vegeta to search this card. Your leader will be on 4 life fairly quickly too so this card is almost usable from turn 2 onwards.

Lord of the Great Apes, King Vegeta x 4

Another card that really pulls the deck together. Search for the 5 drop King Vegeta Ape if you do not already have it in hand.

Swift Retaliation Cooler x 2

A great card that comes in handy when you want to counter a counter. Your leader untaps energy which helps you plan ahead when you need to use this card to stop any counters your opponent is saving. Countering 1 counter makes all the difference when going for game.

Bardock, Will of Iron x 4

Because we are running March of the Great Ape and King Vegeta Ape, having as many of the big Apes in the deck help. This is a double strike 20K blocker that you can combo for free if King Vegeta Ape is on the field.

Great Ape Bardock, Raider’s Warcry x 4

Another amazing Ape that plays for free when you combo with it. Having King Vegeta Ape on the field cuts the cost in half to add great value to this card. Another double strike to add to the mix.

Great Ape Prince Vegeta x 4

Again, another Ape blocker to compliment the deck. This one has critical instead of blocker to change things up a bit. It also allows you to cycle your hand a bit by finding another Ape from your top 3 cards by discarding another card. My advice is to discard the Great Ape Son Goku!

March of the Great Ape x 3

This card is another essential piece to the deck. Play 2 Great Apes with 4 or less energy and draw 2 cards is amazing value!

SS2 Kefla, Saiyan Synthesis x 3

Keeping with the theme of this mono challenge, the yellow ISR was a must add. This card is actually pretty nice as it allows you to play it for 2 energy and discarding 1 card (Great Ape Son Goku hopefully). This then allows you to KO a battle card in rest mode or move 1 battle card into rest mode ignoring barrier.

Absolute Defense Great Ape King Vegeta x 3

The final piece to finish the deck. This card is AMAZING when it is out. This gives all of your apes barrier as well as reduces the combo cost of all of your apes in hand by 1. This essentially gives you a bunch of 10K combos that you can play of free on the defensive or offensive. Combine this with the crazy amount of double strike pressure you have and you have yourself a recipe for success.

So there we have it guys! This is my mono yellow deck of choice. I love the support the Ape archetype has received so far and I really hope that continues. This is a deck that I will most likely have to update as more sets are revealed and released as I really like how the deck runs.

Again, if you want to change anything up to spice it up yourself then feel free! As we are all playing from isolation now, the online tools you can use to play with your friends allows you so much more deck variation if you couldn’t get your hands on some of these cards!

My final list for this mono series is coming soon after this list so be prepared! I am going to reveal what I am working on next in that article.

Until then guys, stay safe and keep up the games where possible! Look forward to getting back out there when things get back to normality!

Thanks again,

Chris Trevenar AKA The Spice King

View the decklist here:!/deck/240376

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

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