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The Spinach Files #1 - Cooler Than You

Sup saiba-fans! Today I’ll be discussing the infamous non meta, Meta-Cooler deck.

This has been one of my favourite archetypes for a while now. I think the most intriguing thing about this deck is it lets you recreate the scene of the movie “the return of cooler” where “unlimited” meta coolers create havoc for our heroes. Unfortunately not dissimilar to the movie, your coolers can be easily removed. Nevertheless, this deck is fun and with the new tech, it can also be pretty powerful. So without further adieu I present to you; meta-coolers, path to greatness.

Let’s start with the new reprint leader. The front side isn’t designed to do much. The idea is to activate your Big Gete Star turn 1, and try to awaken as fast as you can - often with 8 life. The awaken side is truly the“core” of the deck. The auto triggers when you attack and is similar to a burst as it lets you drop 3 cards from the top of your deck; once this is done, you can select any meta cooler or meta cooler core from your drop. The benefit is unlike a “draw 1” skill, you can decide what you draw and what stays in your drop. The disadvantage here is that you can only draw coolers this way. The first activate main skill is great, it basically lets you lock one of your opponent’s cards in rest mode each turn as long as there are 2 Frieza clans in your battle area. The last skill is an activate battle that buffs a cooler card by 5k – this has the potential to have a 20k Meta-Cooler on field at all times.

8x Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler

Infinite Multiplication Meta Cooler is the crux of the deck. It is basically a skill-less 15k beater that you can bring out for 1 energy using the Big Gete Star. Getting the ratio of this card right is important, you basically want to see one in your drop each time you burst, however you don’t want to flood your deck with Meta-Coolers. I often play 8. This ensure I have options to draw each turn and when the big-boy comes up, I can also spawn up to 4 onto the field.

4x Destructive Occupation Frieza

Destructive Occupation Frieza gets the job done. I suggest using it to defend your life points, while getting 1 Frieza clan on board. This is a good way to help awaken on 8 life. I play 4 of these and often don’t use them after I awaken.

4x Meta Cooler Core, Ultimate Form

Meta Cooler Core Ultimate Form is the MVP of the deck. The leader technically does not draw so this is the card you want to keep selecting from your drop with your leaders skill, then playing it to draw into anything non Meta-Cooler. Rinse and repeat as many times as you can. The card has other abilities that you probably will not use, however are still pretty cool. Activate main for 2 cost let’s you bring out 2 Meta-Coolers. Also consider playing more Big Gete Stars and every time you play this card you can reactive a new Star from your drop, essentially letting you bring back another Meta-Cooler from your drop for 1 energy. I play 4 of these.

2x Malevolent Revenge

Malevolent Revenge is a card packed with value. Basically for 1 cost you can buff your leader by 15k and bring out a Meta-Cooler by untapping your Big Gete Star. If you don’t want to summon a Meta-Cooler it is a 15k buff for free. Just make sure you tap your Big Gete Star before using this card to get the most value out of it!

4x Meta-Cooler Core, Titanic Glare, 2x Awakening Core Meta-Cooler & 3x Infitite Force Meta-Cooler Core

Meta Cooler Core Titanic Glare is ice berg cool. This upgraded tech brings out the big boy “the infinite force meta cooler core” for 4 energy which ultimately brings out an additional 4 coolers on arrival and first swing. Make sure there is a few Awakening Core Meta Coolers in your drop and you suddenly have a field of double strikers. I play 4 Titanic Glares and 2-3 Awakening Coolers.

In many ways The infinite force meta cooler core is infinitely disappointing, but it’s all we got. It’s a 7 drop 25k single striker that can be cheated out for 4. Once played it brings out 2 meta coolers - this can be the 15k infinite meta-coolers, the 20k double strikers, or even the set 9 meta-coolers that bring out a Frieza clan on swing. In addition, more meta-coolers are summoned when attacking. Depending on the smorgasbord of coolers you have available, you could see up to 6 coolers come out on this play which allows either a barrage of attacks or you can cash them in for successor. Save this big boy for last as you can sacrifice your cooler minions to buff your 25k even further. I play 3 of these. Tip, make sure you have one in hand, otherwise risk heartache when playing the 4 drop and searching your deck to find none there.

3x Son Goku, Path to Greatness & 3x Height of Mastery Son Goku

I play the Path to Greatness / HOM combo as it is one of my favourite yellow finishers as it is hard to stop a triple strike, dual attack. Path is a good way to lock another one of your opponent’s cards in rest, and is one of the few cards in this deck that lets you draw a card. I play 3 Paths and 3 Height of Mastery.

2x Time Magic & 2x Solar Flare

This deck works with any yellow negates. I like solar flare as you can turn a 15k cooler into a blocker and buff him to 20k, worst case you lose a cooler to your drop which is basically a good thing. Sparking Negates are great for this deck also considering you stay at a high life throughout the game and always have cards in your drop.

2x Hell Fighter 17, the Neutralizer

Hell Fighter 17 is one of those essential counter play cards you need in your deck. My favourite move is turning an opponent’s card into a skill-less, then tapping it with the leaders ability giving you a chance to attack and remove it. Otherwise using it in your opponent’s turn is probably a more conservative way to play this card for 2 emergency.

2x Battle to the Death

Battle to the death is a recent addition to my deck list. It is a good removal and self-kill card when your tired of being on 8 life. You also can charge it if you get this turn 1. I play 2.

2x Toppo, Righteous Aid

I play Toppo because I have red energy and people wouldn’t take me serious unless I did.

1x Fu, Shrouded in Mystery

Fu, Shrouded in Mystery is the one over-realm card I play. It is costly, however when played it stops all skills, which gives you a good chance of pulling off a finisher swing. If you can play this prior to Cell Xeno, you can almost guarantee a victory.

4x Divine Cry Beerus

Sparking supercombos are the way to go with this deck as you fill the drop easily and stay on high life.

1x Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination

Lastly I play the ultimate life taker, the Cell Xeno SCR. In some ways perfect for this deck as successor is easy to achieve with a board full of Meta-Coolers. Swap a handful of coolers for a quadruple 40k Striker; wait until you have 5 energy and add dual attack and the ability to drop 3 cards from your opponent’s hand.

I hope you guys enjoyed my take on Meta-Cooler. Feel free to share some feedback or your own versions of this leader. With your help we can make Meta-Cooler great again (or finally?).

Deck list here:!/deck/281007

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles!


~ Spinach

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