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Toppo is that you? - Set 10 Tournament Pack Reveals #2

Here we go! I thought 3 red cards was a lot for the tournament pack, now Bandai have revealed 4 blue cards! How many cards is this TP going to contain!? These cards are focused on the Vegito and Trunks decks that are coming out in Set 10. Let's get right into it!

SSB Goku the Boundless

You'd be forgiven for thinking this is the Goku from the starter deck as it looks so damn similar. The art is nice but maybe a bit generic. The card on the other hand is pretty darn good. It comes out for 1 and if your leader card is a blue Trunks: Future, it allows you to pick up a card from energy and replace it with the top card of your deck (in rest mode). Very useful in a deck that adds to energy blindly!

Vegeta, the Fortifier

This guy doesn't have the Trunks: Future caveat, which is good. It's essentially a free 15k attacker if you drop a card from your hand as it restands an energy at the end of your turn. Good way to get a fusion piece on the board and still have energy for defense.

SSB Vegito, Soaring Blow

Another free Vegito pops up in this TP. As with the other fusion cards in the main set you can use cards from energy for his cost if you so desire. He comes out and bottom decks two of your opponent's battle cards. Great free removal that's for sure. Also, this art is awesome, unlike the above. I love the contrast of red and blue colours.

SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect

Another card with lacklustre art, Trunks is the best of the lot. He is a counter attack that costs 1 when you have a blue unison in play. He comes in, negates the attack, and stops your opponent from attackng with battle cards higher than their energy unless they bottom deck two cards from hand... Toppo is that you?

This card will be a staple, and IMO is the best card revealed from the TP so far!

That's all for today's reveal. I can't wait to see what green cards are coming, hopefully some more 2 cost Ginyu Force!

~ Sam Russell

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