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Trunks is here to save time - Set 10 Reveals #2

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Bandai has blessed us with some more new cards, and with them some more crazy interactions! Something I've noticed over the last few days is that all the leader cards really resemble the art from the first couple of sets, rather than the latest few. I really like the classic look. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the reveals while I drink my morning coffee.

Trunks finally has another leader card, and not how I expected at all. When Bandai announced that Trunks and Chronoa would be featured in blue, I assumed we would be getting a Blue Trunks Xeno leader, but nope, regular Future Trunks, which is probably a good thing. This guy has a really fun and unique skill. He ignores critical. So whenever you would normally take a crit, you can reveal the life and add it to your hand instead. Pretty damn good thats for sure! Interesting that it allows you to do the same if you would take a life normally. Not sure if there will be some skill that triggers when you reveal a certain card, but that is yet to be seen. Makes me think you will be able to add the card back to life, or play a battle card, depending on what it is.

He has the generic draw 1 on attack, and his Awaken activates when your opponent has 4 or less life - lending to the point I brought up above that he may be able to add cards back to life.

On SS2 Trunks, Envoy of Justice's awakened side he has the same skills as his front and also an Activate: Main skill that bottom decks an opponent's battle card for two blue energy, then untaps at the end of turn.

All in all, he seems like a very solid leader, and I think he has a lot more support yet to be revealed.

The second leader revealed is Fused Zamasu, Divine Ruinbringer. We actually already saw the back side of this card the other day, so follow this link to read about it:

His front side is pretty generic with a draw on attack and standard awaken (plus also awakening when you have 4 or more energy).

SS Gotenks, Absolute Unison is the first of three new unison cards that we got to see today. It's a 4 specified blue unison with 20k power. It has Dual Attack & Blocker, meaning you can use it to pressure twice or just attack once and leave it active to defend next turn.

The first of two Unison skills uses 2 counters to draw 2 cards, and the second bottom decks two opponent's battle cards ignoring barrier for 3. All round decent skills on this guy, and we basically know by now that there will be unison support to add counters to cards, so even though he can't do it himself, all hope is not lost.

Now this is where all the hype is. Supreme Kai of Time, Unison of History is potentially broken. First and foremost it is support for the Trunks leader above. It allows you to add a card from life to hand to untap an energy at the end of turn, just as a standard Activate: Main. It then has a unison skill that is +1, which allows you to grab a card from life, and add a card from hand to life. Now on the surface this skill looks cool, life swapping, nice. With the Trunks leader likely having support to add cards to life, this skill could be insane. What you don't neccesarily notice at first glance is that taking the life isn't an additional cost of the unison skill, so this card can potentially be broken with the aforementioned combo, or something more out of the box, like combining this Unison card with the Cheelai and Lemo Leader:

As it stands, with this leader and the Chronoa unison card, you can add an extra card to life every turn. Obviously the Trunks will be designed to do the same, but it will likely have a limit of a few cards that can go back to life if revealed, whereas this leader guarantees a +1 life per turn. Do I have to say it a third time? This is broken. I wouldn't be surprised if Bandai errata the Kai Unison to stop this interaction from working, but for now, it will be a lot of fun to test!

Now the last card was not officially from the latest reveal, it was a bonus reveal, so we hadn't written an article about it. Stores will have "coming soon" cards to give to players who swing by the store since we won't have pre release! These cards are all new promos, and the first Bandai have revealed is SS Rose Goku Black, Unison of Extermination.

He is a Blocker, and has an auto that adds a marker when you switch him to active with a leader cards skill - which tells us that a new leader will allow you to switch a unison card to active mode.

His first unison skill is free. It allows you to draw a card and discard a card (Bandai confirmed that they are changing the wording to "discard" from "place one card from your hand in the drop area" to condense the language).

His second unison skill is -2, and it allows you to bottom deck an opponent's battle card with an energy cost of 4 or less. All in all this guy is pretty underwhelming IMO, and I can't see him being used too much unless the leader interaction is insane.

That's it from me everyone! What do you think of the new reveals? Will the Chronoa unison card be as broken as I think?

~ Sam Russell

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