U3 Agro in the Starter Deck Meta - Vegeks deck profile

Updated: May 27, 2020

Gday guys, today I'm back with my first deck profile in a fair while, this time focusing on my new found love for black agro. As some of you may know, I am the current regional champion for Adelaide in Australia, and I got there with mono-black Majin Buu. Ever since then I've been improving the deck, first with U3, and now, I've moved away from Buu completely and am moving forward into what will be a month (and a bit) long mini meta that contains the new starter decks and expansion packs.

In some countries (including Australia) it's looking like small scale local events may be back on the cards before the set 10 release, so this is what I'll be looking at playing and refining!

Before I get into the cards let me say that I know there is an over realm version of this deck out there, and it likely hits much harder than this one. I have built a deck without over realm as a point of difference.

Let's start with the leader. Vegeta : Xeno & Trunks : Xeno (oddly the names are back to front considering the placing of the characters in the art) is the new starter deck 14 leader. It, along with decks 12 and 13, mark the start of a three set long support system for the starter decks, which I think is an excellent concept.

First of all, he has a permanent that only allows you to play mono-black battle cards. It's important to note that this doesn't stop you from adding coloured battle cards to your deck, just playing them. He has an Activate: Main that bursts 5 to draw one. Now that might sound like a crazy skill, but it makes a lot of sense with the rest of the cards in the deck. He awakens at 4 life or when you have 20+ cards in your drop, which is pretty easy to achieve.

On his back side, Vegeks, the Unsung Fusion Hero is very similar to his front, wit a couple of extra buffs. You can still only play black battle cards, but he also has a second permanent that allows you to shuffle your drop into your deck if you run out of cards in your deck, assuming you have at least 20 cards in your drop area. Considering we don't run over realm in this deck, that will always be the case. His activate main still mills 5, but you draw first this time, and you also give your black unison card double strike for the turn. Very powerful when you combine him with the Unison card from the starter deck.

4x SS Gotenks, Fusion of Friendship

This is the unison card that comes with SD14, and it works perfectly with the Vegeks leader as it should. This unison card comes in to play for free (with one marker on it) when it is placed from the deck to the drop using a skill, which ties in with the leaders burst abilities. You can also activate his auto using a couple of other cards in this build which we'll get to later.

Once he's on the field, he gets +2 and 10k power if you drop a card from your hand. At +1 that would be pretty bad, but +2 is decent. His second unison skill gives him +20k and Dual Attack for the turn at the cost of 4 markers. Pair that with the leader cards ability to give him double strike and you have a potent attacker. I run him at 4 because you really want to hit him off the leader as soon as possible.

4x Supreme Kai of Time, Guardian of Spacetime

This is the first of the burst battle card support. There are three cards other than the unison card that play off the leader skill, and Chronoa is the only one that doesn't have the Unique keyword, so she comes out as often as she is burst. She provides a 10k combo if you have 5 or less cards in hand, which is nice to have on board to push or for defense. Again, four of, why wouldn't you!?

4x Time Agent Trunks

Another 4 of, Trunks is another free play off the leader skill, providing you with a free blocker, and free self awakening (if it's needed). The main reason this guy is so good though is that you can use him to play Nigrisshi for free very easily. Nigrissi sends him to the warp, which sets up nicely for Vegeks fusion which I will include once set 10 is out.

4x Time Agent Vegeta

The final starter deck exclusive and the 3rd burst to play battle card is this Vegeta. He is a 19k beater that can also get rid of 3 drops for two energy using his activate: battle, which is nice. He isn't as exciting as the Trunks as he can't be used to play a Viara because his permanent interrupts the skill and invalidates it (even though he's going to the warp, it doesn't fulfil the cost). That's fine though, he's still a great card in his own right, and we use this next guy to play Viara anyway.

4x SS3 Tag Team Son Gohan

We know this guy put's in work in U3 based decks because Buu has been utilising him since DB5 was released. He comes out for free when any of your black cards are removed by skill. Because we don't have over realm in this deck, it's not as easy to pull off, but using a Trunks to play a Nigrisshi is the perfect method of playing this guy. He then becomes your target for Viara as well as a 15k beater, or you can keep him to block.

4x Nigrisshi, from the Shadows

The first of the U3 package is Nigrisshi. He comes in to play for free off of the 3 drop Trunks, and helps further extend your agro plays. Running at 4 of in this deck because you want to hopefully see him off of your leader burst.

4x Viara, Everlasting Assault

The second and arguably the best of the U3 package is Viara. He doesn't come out as easily as he did in Buu, but that shouldn't be an issue as long as you get Gohan in hand. This guy is a 20k crit beater that puts in hella work, forcing your opponent to try and deal with him or face the concequences. This could be run at 3 of considering the small amount of targets.

3x Anilaza, the Towering Atrocity

The 3rd and final part of the main U3 package is Anilaza. He is only at 3 as he's a later game play, and not nearly as useful as the other two. He comes in for free of the Hatchyyack I'm showing next, and provides a Double Strike 25k beater. Not too shabby at all.

4x Hatchhyack, Hatred Everlasting

Hatchyyack is one of the best black cards out there in my books. He can be dropped from hand in order to mill 2 cards, which not only potentially plays one of your 3 starter deck battle cards or union, but also potentially sets up a u3 in drop to be played for free. This guy is then active in the drop area to be played for 3 energy and do some damage before making way for the towering atrocity. So much value, especially since you will likely hit some of these off the top of the deck, so they are never dead. Speaking of, these next cards are made to be utilsed from the drop area, which is perfect for all the self mill that this deck revolves around.