Vermillion Bloodline Teasers Released!

Wowza look what we have here! Bandai have revealed some teasers from Set 11 (UW02) Vermillion Bloodline! My head is about to explode, I just opened my anniversary box, now this?? I can't cope! Let's get straight into the nitty gritty! We have a clear look at the packaging of the next set now:

Looks spectacular doesnt it? All that SS4 Goodness. Let's get right into the cards! Starting with Red as always:

Gogeta (Br) starting us off with a bang. This guy shows that the red cards next set are focused on the Broly Movie. Interestingly, this dude is similar to Frieza Prison in that he seems to focus on red extra cards (with an energy cost of one?). When he attacks, you get to self awaken (if you choose) and also search the top 5 cards of the deck for a red extra card as mentioned previously. He also draws a card once per turn if you activate a Unison skill (interestingly it doesn't lock you in to union fusion, so potara and absorb are on the table). He has a standard awaken skill that untaps 2.

Once awakened, this guy is a powerhouse. He has Double Strike as standard, and he gets to draw and buff himself 5k on attack, making him a nuisance to deal with. He retains his skill to draw when a unison skill is activated.

We are still getting skill less one drops... Maybe with the anniversary box support they will work?

See above. You can buy these coats btw, I've seen them on AliExpress.

Okay, back to the good stuff. Gogeta, Fusion of the Gods comes out for Three Red energy. You draw two cards when you play him, then you can add a marker to your red unison card, and neg your opponents battle cards by 15k. Not too shabby for 3 energy, especially since he can't be KO'd!

Here's our big sexy Gogeta SR for red. He's a beaut for players and collectors alike. Evolves for free of the previous Gogeta, thenadds two more markers ro your unison (WTF, Hyper unison charge lol) and doesn't let you play anymore battle cards for the rest of the turn. It can't be KO'd as per the above, and also allows you to neg an opponent's attacking battle card by 20k (once per turn). Pretty snazzy if I do say myself. These guys have a tiny bit of synergy with the previous Red Gogeta:BR cards too, which is nice.

On to the even bigger boi. Broly gets yet another leader (come on bandai give me some variety please). This guy draws from life and gains critical, similar to Slug. He also allows you to add a red extra card with an energy cost of 1 from deck to hand once per game. He has a standard awaken to untap 2.

So on his awakened side he's critical as long as you have a red Broly:BR card in play. He draws and gains +5k when he attacks, and allows you to play a Broly:BR when one is removed from the battle area, allowing you to keep that presence on board for your permanent or restart your swap chain. Yes, Broly Swap, it's a thing.