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Wait wait, I still haven't got all the last promos! - Set 11 TP Reveal

Holy balls! I had a suspicion (hope?) that the set 10 TP promos would tide us over for set 11 too, but that clearly isn't the case! There are so many promos in the next tourney pack that it's going to be tough to get your hands on playsets of all of them without forking out some cash. Regardless, some of these cards are insane, so let's dive right in!


First off we have more Gogeta:BR support with Goku & Vegeta. This cards are amazing for self awakening and hand advantage. When they are used for fusion, they both have an auto that procs. Vegeta allows you to search for a Gogeta:BR and add it to your hand (discarding a card if you do), and Goku allows you to add a card from life to hand. The cool thing is, combined with the old Veku rares you are going through your deck and life very quickly then adding two fusion pieces back to hand! Both these guys allow you to grab a red extra card (1 cost, no keyword skills) from drop to hand when they are played.

Broly: BR gets a second 1 cost swap card, which is actually a really big deal since both of them only allow you to play them once per turn. He also helps you self awaken by critting a life and playing a red Ba:Br from deck.

An SSB Goku unison rounds out the red offering from the TP. This guy is a 2 cost that +1 to cycle a card, and shuffle 4 1 drop skill less cards from drop to deck. His -1 allows you to plus 2 from drop via grabbing 2 1 cost skill less cards. He then has a -3 to ko a battle card with 25k or less. Seems pretty average tbh. Also, what happened to unisons being "unlikely combinations"? This clearly fits with the Gogeta BR deck, but also fits the theme...


Bulma is a searcher for the new Vegeta ramp deck. She also allows you to add a card to the pile under your leader in order to try and get blutz wave activated faster.

Baby support is up next with a 3 (2) cost counter play that bottom decks a 2 or less coming into play and provides you with a 20k beater that yeets an opponents battle card that has a higher cost than their energy (and negates it's skills before it does!). Pretty good removal. Revenge Big Bang Attack is where it's at though. Every new counter that's revealed makes my jaw drop, and this one is no different. Specific to the Baby leader, this card is a dimension magic that also draws you a card. Insane.

If this is your first time seeing this card, you might be thinking it's insane. I would be right there with you, if it didn't get Errata'd as soon as it was shown. The activate:main skill that would be incredible, drawing 2 for 2 blue, is now 2 blue and 2 unspecified energy. Yuck. His +1 gives your mono blue leader +10k for the turn. He then has a -4 that has been changed since printing too, you now only have to shuffle 1 mono blue card back into your deck to draw 2, but that doesnt make this playable IMO, it's bad.


3 cards for Gotenks in this TP, and I love that we're getting more green options for fusion. Both the Trunks and Goten can add themselves to your hand from your drop by tapping 1 green. Such a good skill for those times you just need that one piece to win the game. They both also allow you to add the fusion counterpart and a Gotenks from drop to hand when they are KO'd, giving you an option if you decide to play them. Gotenks comes out for 1 energy, and allows you draw 1 and remove a marker from your opponent's unison. Pretty darn good support here.

Another sick looking Majin Vegeta card! This guy is essentially a self awakener like Dodoria, but also allows you to add two cards to hand. When he comes in, he takes a life to gain Double Strike, then you can use an overlord to bottom deck him and draw. I think this is a great option for Overlord decks, but def not a replacement for classic self awakeners.


Son Gohan and ICARUS make an appearance on this battle card that seems to conflict with the Unison for this deck. He comes out for 1 if you sack a 1 drop skill less, then when he's played (if your Goku unison isn't in play) you can add 2 differently named 1 drop skill less cards from your deck to your hand.

Chi Chi is angry! She's the support card for Garlic in this set of promos. When she's played, you can switch an opponent's battle card or unison card to rest mode, then she's a 20k beater that you can bottom deck to draw. She's okay. I'm still not sold on the GJ deck.

Another Naturon Shenron target is a DS 15k that allows you to switch a card an opponent plays to rest mode once per turn. This card is amazing in a control deck that is already super oppressive.


A 25k Dual attacker for 0 energy and overrealm 6. Pretty good, although I prefer the Goku from the main set. Interesting that this guy is Bardock: Xeno, and other similar cards in the main set are just Bardock.

Another SS4 OR that allows you to add a 3-7 drop black card from warp to hand. Similar to Power Overseeing Time, although less powerful. He's cheaper at 0 energy, so it seems like a decent trade off. I don't think this guy replaces trunks, but it sure is a great option. He also requires a black leader which Trunks doesn't.

The final card of the reveal is arguably the most powerful. Masked Saiyan can be played using over realm to give you a 30k attacker, and also recycle some of your warp, but that's not why he's good. This guy stops any big game ending attacks (as long as you have at least 2 life) such as a 100k Babidi Champa double strike, or even an Awakened Power Victory strike. His activate battle allows you to tap 1 and crit a life to stop any damage from an attack. In-fucking-sane.

Well that was an intense set of cards. Are you happy theres another massive tourney pack?

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