Team Wars Champion Red Broly Deck!

What's up everyone! I apologise for my short hiatus, we were focusing on Nats over the past weekend! We are back today with an unusual deck that did fairly well in the main event going X-2, and did even better in a best of 1 format for team wars going undefeated and helping The Saibamen take out the Oceania Team Wars National Championship!

I'll now pass over to Myron Xu to take you through his deck!

Hey everyone, welcome to my version of R/G OG Broly deck profile!

The reason I decided to one-trick this deck because not many people would expect this leader and playing this as a new player lets me learn new things about the current meta, the game or interactions between my deck and other cards. Anyone playing this deck would require them to know how to play around specific decks.

Most of the time when I play this deck, I don’t really have a game plan besides:

· Chipping away their life with crits, or attack them with a Dbl strike when they are at 5 life;

· Punish them for playing battle cards and slowly gain board advantage;

· Force them to combo (even better if you force them to use super combos) or play negates to protect their win condition or board/life advantage

· Force them to drop cards in hand to so they would be dragged down to your hand size and kill their combos once every turn with your 4-6 cost Arrival Broly (which is great against Broly Apes or U6 decks atm) so they would lose even more cards in hand.

To finish off your opponent, you would either play:

Fearless Pan to give 5k dbl to your huge red board that you slowly accumulated over the turns (from Counter: Plays, Dormant Legend, Arrivals, which is all great because most of them don’t have Double Strike skill) and attack for game when they have 4 lives or less, and play Mira, Assault from the Skies if they are still alive after your attacks.

Play the SS3 Scramble when your opponent attacks and win the game for the meme (so you can say “Omae wa mou shindeiru – You are already dead”, I did it to Mickey once but too bad I forgot to say the catchphrase in the heat of the moment)

So now that I’ve exposed my strategy, let’s start with my leader –

Broly’s front side has critical and lets me play Dormant Legend at the start of the game, so my opponent will think twice about attacking me because every time I take dmg on their turn, I place a card under it for every damage, and I would send it and 3 cards under the drop to play 4 cost Red Broly from my deck for free. Attacking with my leader would force them to combo a 5k or let it go and lose 1 card to the drop, which most of the time can destroy their game plan at the start – for example losing a super combo, negate, Ultimate, senzu beans, any win condition cards.

Untap 1 draw 1, Broly awakens, and draws 1 on attacking. It also has an Activate Battle effect that lets you KO a card with 10k power or less by discarding 1 card. At first it sounds pretty underwhelming, but if you managed to neg power down to 10k or less, you can KO it during your combo step – Sometimes it’s very satisfying to trigger this effect because when I see my opponent attacks with a card that lost power down to 10k, comboing with everything he’s got to kill me (at one point the guy placed combos up to 90k with champa), and then I just drop a card to kill it (also works because combo power doesn’t get added to card power until the end of defence step), and it tilts the guy to oblivion. From that point on the guy keeps playing into my cards and eventually lost.

Most of the time people won’t understand how this card works, and greatly underestimate this leader until that moment comes.

1 x Dormant Legend

You only play 1 in this deck. Don’t even think about playing 3 of this and 3-4 copies of Goten from Magnificent Collection, It’s not worth it. I’ve play tested with this engine, I’ve lost more games than I could pull it off because of these cards…unless you like to see any of those 2 cards in your life. Usually in this deck when you take damage, it’s best to see super combos, negates, counter plays or win con cards taken from your life, but any of those 2 are the worst cards to pick up from your life, no matter what.

When I have 3 or more cards under this (meaning I took 3 or more dmg already during your opponent’s turn, taking a life during your turn doesn’t count), I would play a Red 4 cost Broly from the deck for free, a strong plus 1 board advantage that could ruin your opponent, and sometimes I even use it as a bait to make the use Counter: Plays against it. I only have 4 targets for this card, which I’m confident this is the smallest and best numbers I can get away with running after many playtesting.

2 x Broly, Counter Reversal

I play this from Dormant Legend most of the time, just so I can play ‘Broly, Rapid Barrage’ with Arrival if it’s in my hand. If your opponent plays ‘Sparking’ Counter while taking a life, they have to take another life once per turn (not limited to your opponent’s turn) while this card is on board. Plus, it becomes a 25k beater on your turn that can attack cards in Active Mode, so it’s great to attack huge cards and make your opponent discard combos to protect it.

You can also hard cast this card against slow decks like Janemba, so if you have 2 of this on board, they would take 2 damage if they play a counter. So, attack with this card immediately if they didn’t play any Counter: Plays after this comes out.

2 x Broly, Rapid Barrage

Play this from Dormant Legend if it’s the only available target, if your opponent would play Caulifla 4 cost/Bardock Apes/SS Trunks OR if playing this would -10 a battle card(-10 lasts until the end of your opponent’s turn, so if you play this on your turn, it lasts for 2 turns) that would help you get rid of it this turn or next turn. If playing against Broly apes or u6, this is the best card to play.

So, play 1 of these 2 from Dormant Legend according to situation and match up.

3 x Broly, Tragedy Foretold

Play this with Arrival, 1 Red and 1 Green, huge 30k beater and you get to -15k on 2 cards ignoring barrier until the end of your opponent’s turn, as well as destroying a combo for free, also great against Broly apes/u6 decks/Vegito Lock. Normally I play this mid-late game during my opponent’s turn to weaken 2 cards (which I can trigger my leader’s effect most of the time). If you have this card and Rapid Barrage on Board, you would most likely win.

Don’t forget you can only run 1 of this and 1 of Broly, Rapid Barrage on the battle area and only if Dormant Legend is in the drop, and you can only send a combo to the drop as soon as a battle card is PLACED on your opponent’s combo area.

4 x SS Broly, Legend Unleashed

Must play 4 in this deck because it’s a 0+5k Green combo for R/G Arrival, and playing this card (either hard cast 3 or play for free if your opponent has 3 energies and you send Dormant Legend to the drop) let’s you awaken on the turn you played this card.

Most of the time you should only play this card because your opponent won’t let you trigger Dormant Legend’s effect. When I hard casted this card with 7 - 8 lives and Dormant Legend remaining on the board, it feels so satisfying! Knowing that my opponent will slowly lose hand advantage, already far behind on life cards and I get to KO cards with 10k or less.

Most of the time when you play this card, your opponent is already on the way to losing the game.

4x Broly, Demonic Origins

Used as an energy filler most of the time. Depending on match up you can play this to discard 1 card in your opponent’s hand if you are confident their next 2 draws won’t help them. At one point my opponent had no cards left in hand and 3 lives left, I attack single strike, he takes it, and I play this to discard that card, then go for game with a Double Strike.

2 x SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion and 1 x Champa and Beerus, Capricious Gods

I had a hard time deciding the ratios of these 2 cards. After nationals this weekend I’m confident Champa and Beerus is much better because of the ability to KO a 20k battle card (better than my leader’s skill) and give Double Strike for any battle card I’m attacking with (which is great for most of my cards and serves as a substitute for Furthering Destruction Champa).

SSB Gogeta sure looks better because it can’t get counter played by most cards, but the Champa and Beerus is great for when you are attacking with a huge card, surprise them with a double strike just like Furthering Destruction Champa. Plus, even if your opponent do use Counter: Play to kill this card, that means you already wasted 2 of their energy for the price of 1, screwing up their game plan.

After many playtesting, I’ve concluded that this Super Combo is no doubt better than the Sparking 5 Super Combo - Master Roshi, Martial Expert. Plus, there were many aggro decks played in the Nationals, and I like the event pack foil version of this card. Also, you can use this as a 0+10k Red combo for R/G Arrival.

3 x Afterimage Technique and 3 x Is that All you’ve got.

3 x Afterimage because I get to -10 on a card and trigger my leader’s effect or Beerus and Champas effect during my combo step. Downside is it doesn’t actually negate attacks, so using this Counter against cards with huge battle power like Mira, Creator Abosrbed or Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Defender of the Earth is pointless.

Which is why I play 3 x Is that all you’ve got. Pure negate, plus you have the option to -15 on 2 cards by discarding 1 card, which works well with other cards in your deck or great against big boards.

4 x Vegeta, the Cruel, and 2 x Denial of Hope

They both serve as a Counter play against my opponent’s battle cards. Vegeta the cruel lets me kill up to 1 four cost or less card and warp 1 card in my opponent’s hand, but it doesn’t stop the triggered auto of the card my opponent is playing. It also serves as a 0+5k green combo for RG Arrivals, hence why I play 4.

I play 2 Denial of Hope because most of the time I rather play Vegeta the Cruel to neg 2 cards in the process. Denial of Hope is still good though, as it can stop major plays and it prevents the card from being played, unlike Vegeta the Cruel. Downside though is that this costs 2 Reds to play and it is an Extra card – can’t be used for Arrival obviously.

2 x SS Vegeta, Exploiting Weakness

Cost of this card is reduced by 2 if you are playing a Red leader. So, this becomes a 3 cost -20k all board wipe. Most of the time everyone plays this as a Counter: Play, because you also get a bonus +5k to leader, for more defence. It’s also a 0+5k Red combo for R/G Arrival.

Also at one point, when my opponent played Fu, the Dark Banisher, I played this in response and managed to waste his entire turn because my leader was at 20k and his Fu became a 5k card.

3 x Familial Bonds

2 cost Red Extra card that only costs 1 Red, and it lets you bring back a 3 cost Red Saiyan with 15k power or less, which you can play Broly, Demonic Origins, and 2 other cards which I’m about to show you next.

3 x Burst Attack Gohan

15k Attack with Critical and draw 2 if your hand is 4 or less. Playable by Familial Bonds and it helps you fill up your hand. Also, it’s a 0+5k Red combo for R/G Arrival. You can ditch this card early game or using negates so that you play this with Familial Bonds next turn or later.

3 x Fearless Pan

15k Blocker with Barrier, and once you play her, she gives Double Strike and 5k power to all Red cards, including Broly Leader. Also, a playable target with Familial Bonds.