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What is your wish? - Set 10 Reveals #11

It feels like a long time since the last reveal because Bandai stopped them a day earlier last week. Finally we're here though! We have been graced with the first black cards of set 10!

Shenron, Unison of Rescue is the first black unison card, meaning he has zero specified cost. You can't play him for zero however as if you did he would just go straight to the drop area. Man I love the art on this card. Fucking beautiful!

Like all the other Shenron cards, this unison card can't attack. He also allows you to crit a life instead of losing a marker from an attack.

This guy is skill less support, so we might see a kidku comeback! I also think he'd work nicely in reboot Hit. His first unison skill is a +1, and it allows you to give one og your skill less battle cards Double Strike, then draw a card. Already an excellent skill in the archetype it's meant for.

His second unison skill is free. It let's you play a 2 cost skill less battle card frok your drop area if you have no skill less battle cards in play. A nice way to gain board presence before you start playing things for your turn.

His third skill is pretty crazy. -7 Dragon Balls... I mean markers, and you get to play every skill less battle card in your drop area. That has the potential to be insane! Although a well placed preemtive strike would make it worthless. I love that it's like when Shenron brings back all of earth for example. Definitely a lot of fun, I might have to go back to skill less and see what's up!

Over realm is back in black this set. Trunks, Elite Descendent is coming at us with funky hair. He comes out for 1 energy (over realm 3) and plays a 3 cost Vegeta: Xeno from your deck in rest mode. There are a couple of those kicking around, but he can also play this guy.

Vegeta, Demonstration of Might is pretty lacklustre. He lets you draw a card if you send him and a 3 cost or less black card from your battle area to your warp. I feel there must be more to this puzzle because as it stands this card sucks.

Vegeks makes his debut in the DBSCG with Vegeks, Burning Impact Unleashed. He comes out for free on top of a Vegeks: Xeno with an energy cost of 6 or less. We can only assume that will be an over realm card of some sort, probably to be revealed tomorrow. He's a 30k DS that warps an opponent's battle card every time he attacks. Pretty decent skills as long as we can get him out fairly cheaply.

Demigra, the Sinister Sorcerer is the first Demigra card this set that is in his natural colour. Seeing this guy reminds me of that green Unison and I just think why? There wasn't any other green cards related to him revealed. So random. Anyway, back to the card at hand. This guy is over realm 5, and allows you to rip a card from your opponents hand to the warp, and combo with it if it's a battle card. We've seen a bunch of Demigra cards that do the same thing, so this is nothing new. Over Realm 5 without energy means it fills a niche that didn't have a card previously, but it's still not amazing.

Okay now this card is pretty good - finally. Towa, Secret Maneuver is a 2 cost that looks at the top 5 cards for a Demon Realm Race card when you play it, and also when it attacks, although it's once per turn so you can't do it twice on the turn you play it (I feel like if you could that would make this a staple in decks that use DRR cards). It's still a decent card, and while it will likely be removed on your opponent's turn after you play it, it gives them something to really think about, which is a good distraction.

The final card of this reveal is Mira, Explosion of Energy. First of all, he's a 5 cost, so if there isn't an easier way to play this guy I can't see it happening very often. He has some great skills though. Critical and Barrier are nice, then his first auto lets you rip 2 of your opponent's hand when he's played. He can also negate an attack once per turn by warping two cards from your hand. A hefty price to pay, but if they're dead anyway it could be useful.

That's it for the reveals today. I'm not overly impressed with black so far, although I don't think we've seen the whole picture yet. I reckon it will all make sense over the next few days.

Thanks for reading!

~ Sam Russell

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