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Wheelo's alt win con - Dr. Uiro cards revealed

Bandai's second week of set 8 reveals is well underway. Today we have the Dr. Uiro (Wheelo) engine! I have to say, I'm a big fan of alternate win conditions, so these cards peak my interest greatly.

Dr. Uiro & Dr. Kochin automatically brings out the decks Field Card, Dr. Uiro's Lab at the start of the game, similar to Babidi, Meta-Cooler and Red Broly. The unawakened side has a 7 deep search for a "Frenzied Warrior" card when it attacks a leader. This is a tiny bit annoying because I feel this decks strategy would be better if you didn't have to attack. There's a rather difficult awaken condition for a deck that wants to stall. You either need to have 4 energy or 3 life to awaken. Since the deck is blue/green, you could run objection to get to 4 faster, but that isn't ideal as you want to be using your energy to fuel your wincon.

Dr. Uiro, the Evil Scientist has the standard draw on attack. It also has a Towa style skill that removes a keyword skill from an opponent's battle card if you drop a card from your hand. The difference is it's an activate main, so it isn't nearly as useful. Although you could utilise it to remove skills like blocker or revive which could come in handy. The second Activate:Main causes you to win the game if there are 17 or more cards under Dr. Uiro's Lab.

This 6 Drop field card brings back memories of Majin Buu's Sealed Ball. Dr. Uiro's Lab is in the battle area as soon as the game starts, which is lucky considering it's 6 energy cost! It has a very nice Permanent that prevents your opponent's card skills from switching your battle cards to rest mode. It also can only have cards placed underneath by the skills to blue or green cards which stops Spopovich and Yamu shenanigans. The second Permanent prevents this Field cards removal by your opponent's skills, which is a godsend because this deck would be unplayable without it. The card then has an Activate:Main which allows you to place an opponent's battle card with an energy cost of 4 or less under the Field card - as long as it doesn't have barrier - for 2 energy. Acting as removal as well as fuel for your win con.

Madness Wand Dr. Kochin is a U/G Blocker that has an Auto skill that allows you to place a card from your hand in under your field card, then draw a card. It also has Revive, which is other new keyword skill this set. When your card is KO'd, you can place the required card/s (in this case a blue/green or a blue and a green) in the drop area from your hand to play the card again, then negate Revive. That mean's this card can block an attack, add a card to your wincon, then block again if needed.

Gigantic Bomber Dr. Uiro is arguably the most exciting card of this reveal. He's a 3 drop U/G card that can block an attack and revive to activate a crazy good auto in some circumstances. When you play the card you can choose 2 battle cards from your opponents drop are and either place them under this card, or your Dr. Uiro's Lab. Now already that's great for your wincon, but it is also amazing in any U/G deck to stunt wish decks as long as this card survives. Obviously it can be removed for them to get their cards back, but it's very good to mess with them while it's alive.

The last card from this reveal is one of the Frenzied Warrior cards that your leader can search. Frenzied Warrior Piccolo is a great card in this archetype and also a good card in it's own right. A 4 drop Namekian that - when you have two other battle cards in play - adds two cards from your opponents hand to your wincon, or in another deck, warps two cards from your opponents hand. Not too shabby! Raditz likes warping cards...

It also has deflect which is great since having this card bloodlusted would suck.

It's safe to say we will be getting more Frenzied Warrior cards to support this deck. I think this wincon could be very viable depending on what other cards are revealed!

As always, keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Set 8 upon release!

~ Sam

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