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Who you gonna call? Ghost.... Warriors?!?

Hi everyone.

Disclaimer. I had no idea what a Hatchhyack was when I saw this release. Google suggested I might be looking for a hatchback and some Lychees. I moved on from that pretty quickly and found out was this guy is all about.

On to the cards.

BT8-089 Dr. Lychee & Hatchhyack/Hatchhyack, Malice Assimilated.

Un-Awakened (or Front - Side, if you prefer)

Permanent - You can only play Black Battle Cards and this guy won't be swinging at all.

Auto - When a battle card attacks, the attacking player can't swing again with a battle card (or token) unless it's 8 energy +.

Activate Main - Once per turn: Place the top card of your deck beneath the old Lychee, then mill yourself one to draw one.

Awaken - You can only awaken if your energy is Black exclusively. Awaken by placing Three cards from beneath leader into the drop. Draw One and turn this Soapberry over.

Awakened (Back Side....)

The Awakened side. Looks like the Lychee was the only thing stopping this bad-boy from swinging.

Permanent - You can only play Black Battle Cards.

Auto - When a battle card attacks, the attacking player can't swing again with a battle card (pr token) unless it's 8 energy +.

Auto - When leader attacks he gets +5k power for the turn and you draw 1.

Leader Summary: This guy is different to anything else we have in the game. Anti-Aggro will be much needed. Especially with the amount of turn 2 kills we are seeing on untap with the new cards.

The Built in Nimbus effect that applies to both leaders is huge.

It's just a shame he doesn't synergize more with the old Machine Mutant Extra and Field Cards.

Now, the ghosts of villains past:

BT8-094 Frieza, Ghost Warrior.

Each of the 'Ghost Warriors' revealed thus far have the Activate:Main - If your leader card is a Black Machine Mutant, choose 3 Black Battle Cards in your drop and return them to your deck. Which plays the Ghost.

Very interesting and different to the traditional Black Warp engines.

Frieza's Second Activate:Main: placing himself in drop to rest an opponents battle card (ignoring Barrier) is decent. We could all use a good rest sometimes.

BT8-095 Cooler, Ghost Warrior

Another Ghost that can come out by sending cards from drop to deck.

This guy gets an activate battle. Drop him to neg one of your opponent's battle cards by 10k. This Cool cucumber will see some interaction with our little lychee. Which we will cover shortly.

BT8 - 096 Lord Slug, Ghost Warrior

Slug is the last Ghost we will see today. Coming out in the same manner as Frieza and his Bro. Slug's second Activate:Main places himself in drop and warps an opponents battle card with an energy cost equal to or greater than your opponents energy.

BT8 - 092 Dr. Lychee, Inception of the Grudge.

The Tuffle that started it all. a one drop blocker that when KO'd, will bring out a Ghost Warrior from your hand. Solid.

BT8 - 102 The Dark Planet

Other than looking like a lovely holiday destination this card, on play will let you search deck for a Ghost Warrior to add to hand.

At the end of your turn. Place 2 cards from top deck into drop.

Keeping up that solid supply of cards in drop to send back to deck with our Ghostly Trio.


A very different release. I'm intrigued, if not immediately inspired. I think we need to see the Boss Monster/s and additional support for this leader and engine before knowing if it will be worthwhile.

The built in Nimbus effect is going to be very interesting to see. Keen to see what the community does with this.

What are your thoughts?


Something is coming... keep an eye on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for more content and updates.

Australians, jump on The Midian Guard for all your DBS singles! They will be adding Set 8 upon release!

~ Ché

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