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Xeno Power - Set 10 Tournament Pack Reveals #5

Well that was unexpected! Bandai decided to reveal the black cards for the tourney pack early. Most likely because it's Friday night in Japan now, so they want to get it over and done with and get to the weekend! I'm also happy about this for the same reason. I'ma get my wine on while I jot down my thoughts for you all. Forgive me if this is sloppy!

SS Trunks, Solitary Guardian

The first entry into the black promos for this block is another Trunks: Xeno. Great looking card, and cool to see thatTtrunks is a highly represented character in this block (people have been asking, now they are recieving).

This card is pretty average to be honest. It's an over realm 4, which is cool because you can use it to play Viara, but Bardock is a much better option since he sets up the Vieara play with his drop a card effect.

Trunks draws you a card, and buffs himself 5k for the turn when you play him. The only positive about this card is that he can be used for fusion, otherwise there are better cards for the same cost.

SS Vegeks, Mastery Merged

Speaking of fusion, here's another Vegeks card to whet your apetite. The card art is interesting, his face seems a little funky, but it might just be the sample stamp playing tricks on me,

He's a 3 cost potara that can use cards in the warp as fusion pieces. When he's in rest mode your opponent's cards with 15k or more power can only attack him, which is a great skill similar to a deadly defender. He also has barrier (like Gotenks should have had), so he's a bit of a pain. The best thing is he can be used to play Towering Atrocity as well!

I like this card. It's not amazing, but its decent. I can see it being used.

Towa, Dark Imperial Scientist

This is another card. Also boobs.

Okay it's not bad. It comes out for free with over realm 2. Recycles one card from hand, and buffs a black battle card by 5k. It's then a target for the Towa Xeno evolve from the Premium Pack.

Nothing too special other than boobs.

That's it everyone! Thanks for reading. I'm going to lean heavy into this wine bottle now. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe <3

~ Sam Russell

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