Saibamen Zion weekly locals are here - brought to you by Palms Off Gaming


Thursday 28/10 6:30pn AEST kickoff



What does your buy-in get you?


- 1 x booster from BT14 Cross Spirits

- 1 x booster from BT13 Supreme Rivalry

- 1 x UW05 promo




Additional Prizing:



- Players Choice: Players vote in each category to determine winners:



Jankiest deck Judge Promo



Best sportsman Box Topper



Net deck hero (troll prize) Surprise ;)





- Other


Winner gets a prize: UW05 Winner promo



Cheapest deck wins a prize Boosters to help foil that deck out



Format: Swiss, Best of 1, Webcam. 30 minute rounds




Registration is only open to those within Australia


Join the Discord here:

Saibamen - Zion Online Locals 28/10