We are The Saibamen, two Dragon Ball Super Card game players from Sydney, Australia. We want to bring streaming to local, regional and national tournaments around Australia and New Zealand!

We've compiled proxy images for all revealed cards. We will update these as more cards are revealed. Each link will take you to a Google Drive folder. For printing proxies, the dimensions of each card are 6.3cm x 8.8cm.


BT-1             TB-1            .EX-1           SD-1         . Promos      

BT-2            .TB-2            EX-2          .SD-2          Custom Card Assets

BT-3            .TB-3            EX-3          .SD-3          XD-1  XD-2  XD-3

BT-4                              .EX-4          .SD-4         .DB-1 DB-2

BT-5                              .EX-5          .SD-5         .Tokens

BT-6                              .EX-6          .SD-6

BT-7                               EX-7          .SD-7

BT-8                              .EX-8          .SD-8

BT-9                              .EX-9          .SD-9

BT-10                                                                       EX-10                   SD-10

                                    EX-11          SD-11

                                                                 EX-12         .SD-12

                                    EX-13     .SD-13


All the work we do here is without profit and for the community. If you would like to donate to The Saibamen to help keep the website and our streams running, please click the link to the right.

The Saibamen - Grooming Nappa's mo' since 2019

ABN: 87 864 882 263

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